The Importance of taking care of YOU

Here we go again talking about a very hush hush subject. Mental health of mothers. Being a mom is hard work and honestly a job that I didn’t think that I would fail at almost daily. A job that is truly selfless and thankless, a job that pulls you in a ton of different directions, a job that unless you take care of yourself you are going to struggle. When I first found out I was pregnant all those years ago I was extremely uninformed. I took the classes to prepare for birth, I read the books, I packed my bags, but I was not prepared for life post birth. Wheres the instruction guide on how to be a mom, or a book that explains how your emotions will be the same as summer day in PA where its hot one moment, then a nasty storm the next.  **These photos are still hard to look at even years later**

With each of my children I was diagnosed at different times with Postpartum Depression. With Hannah I didn’t know anything differently and was diagnosed well after her birth. With Saul I knew what to expect and was diagnosed two days after he was born. Both of those experiences cleared up fairly quickly and I was able to “be happy” and enjoy motherhood.

My diagnosis with Simeon was very different. I was diagnosed that day and once home it took months to feel normal. I unfortunatly couldn’t sleep in the same room as my newborn my depression was so bad. He is almost two and things are better but I still struggle. (I think it may have to do with the permanent birth control that happened the day he was born.)

I still struggle with anxiety over the fact if my kids are okay, and its super fun when they are sick..oh hey fall weather and school days! I struggle with if people like me, or if I’ve upset someone which is also super fun and awkward. But self care is so important. You cant pour into your kids if your mental cup is completely dry. I have found ways that help me be a better mom than I have been, and that means making myself more of a priority which is a huge struggle. But my kids do better with a happier mom so I will do what I need to do to give them the mom they deserve. I am the only one they have and as they grow up I want them to remember good memories instead of bad ones.

I know a lot of moms (and women in general) struggle this same thing, giving their all to everyone else and making themselves low on the priority pole. I just want to remind you to take some time for yourself today to insure your cup is being full. Read a book, go for a walk, drink some coffee, eat the candy that that you have hidden in the bathroom from your children. Do something  for you. You will feel better I promise, and of course if you ever need someone to talk to I’m always willing to be a listening ear. Keep that cup full Ladies!

You are beautiful, You are Loved.

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2 thoughts on “The Importance of taking care of YOU

  1. Amanda Barker says:

    So much “Yes yes!” It took me 8 years of mothering before I realized how vital it is to take care of myself and parent from a place of a full cup. Thanks for writing.
    I think you’re pretty amazing with your self-care-gym-routine!

    1. Leah says:

      Thank you so much! So glad you are taking time for yourself! As mothers it is is hard to remember ourselves but we need to!

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