How to Enjoy your outside space this Fall

Fall is the best time of the year to soak up your outdoor space. The weather is just right and the colorful trees and plants couldn’t provide better scenery for you to take in. Sometimes, though, when our outdoor space is dated, or not as cozy and comfortable as it could be, we choose to sit inside instead. In order to avoid that this upcoming season, start prepping your porch, patio, or deck for the changing season with these ideas on how to enjoy your outside space more this fall –


Keep it cozy

When the temperatures begin to drop, consider putting away the umbrella for the season and instead, cozy up with other items. Doing this will help you invite more sunlight into your space during the day, but you’ll also clear the view for stargazing during alfresco dinner parties (doesn’t that sound amazing?). To bring more warmth to the area once the sun sets, circle a few outdoor chairs around a firepit. To make things even cozier, add in some outdoor pillows, soft throws, and chunky, knit blankets. Swap out summer’s tropical hues for classic fall colors. Orange, wine and dark green instantly make the space feel autumn-ready. If you’re entertaining a large crowd, consider bringing a sharable-sized quilt outside, or you could get some floor pillows for a really cozy and comfy feel!


Get creative with lighting

As the sun starts setting earlier and earlier, it’s important to have enough light on your porch or patio for dark nights. A simple porch light does the trick, but creative lighting is a great way to add ambiance to your space. For instance, outdoor string lights bring an enchanting look to your space. For a soft glow around the perimeter of your yard, wrap a few long strings of white lights around the trees, shrubs or fence posts. Shorter ones could be gorgeous additions to your outdoor grill, tables, or chairs. If you have a longer outdoor table, simply place them over your runner with ambient lighting. If you need more lighting, nothing creates a more romantic glow than candlelight. To give your outdoor table a fall feel, opt for pillar candles in seasonal colors: orange, red, and ivory candles in clear glass holders play up the colors of changing leaves. Lanterns also look so cute scattered around the porch. Fill a few with birch candles and others with fall botanicals such as pinecones and acorns. There are so many ways that you can get creative with lighting and most of the time, it will dramatically enhance your space! 

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