What I do During Quiet Time

I know for a fact that as much as I love my children I do look forward to that glorious hour sometimes hour and half during the day when both kids are quietly reading upstairs or sleeping. That hour is my hour to relax and recoup after a usual crazy morning. Our daily schedule is pretty much the same everyday even with preschool pick up and drop off (yay for school being back in session) I’m hoping to eventually get a day in the life post up but I need to remember to take pictures first. Anyway, after lunch is quiet time in our house and I count down the minutes until then.

There are some household chores that are so much easier to do when Saul is either eating or sleeping (dishes and laundry.) Majority of the time I try to get those both finished while he is eating so I can have more me time. Some days while the kids are sleeping is the only time I get to shower as well since I’m super pregnant and would rather sleep in then get up early to shower right now. But there is something I do every day during quiet time (other then eat lunch) no matter what else is going on.

As soon as I get the kids settled into their rooms I go to my room and make my bed if I didn’t get a chance in the morning, plop down on the bed and do my scripture writing. Its something new I am starting this year and I have heard how helpful it is. Since I learn and remember more by writing is has already helped me so much.  A quick search on google or pinterest of “scripture writing plans” pulls up a ton of different ones.

I try to relate it to whats going on in my life. The one I am currently working on is in regards to worry. Its different scriptures about why you shouldn’t worry about anything. Some of these verses really speak to me. With being pregnant and everything going on in this pregnancy and life I worry so much more than I should and taking that half hour a day to sit, write, meditate has really helped me not only to worry less but get my mind together for the rest of the day.

Being a  mom I forget about myself a lot. I want to make sure my children and my husband are taken care and the housework even the dog. Which doesn’t leave a ton of room for myself. Before I was pregnant I would wake up early and go for a nice bike ride and workout I am so looking forward to that again but that helps my body what about my mind and spirit. That has been lacking and Ill be the first to admit it. I try to make sure my children are on the right path and we talk about the Bible and Pray everyday but how can I invest in their walk if I am not doing anything to further mine? Yea that hurts but its true. I need to take the time everyday to not only work on myself physically but spiritually as well and scripture writing has done just that!

Now I know this isn’t for everyone and everyone uses their mommy time for different reasons but this is how I use mine. More importantly as long as we as moms take time for ourselves no matter what it is I think it truly helps up be better moms and to focus on our kids. We give, give give, and forget about ourselves. Take a few minutes for yourself each day and I promise you will feel better.

3 thoughts on “What I do During Quiet Time

  1. Mikell says:

    Hi there 🙂 I never felt so relaxed reading something until I read this post. It never occurred to me how important it is to take time to yourself. I get so wrapped up in others and what’s going on around the house, I forget about myself. Thank you for reminding me ! And I LOVE your website name. God Bless !

  2. Nikita Ross says:

    Worrying can be so limiting and unnecessarily stressful. I’m glad you found a way to help combat your struggles and practice self-care!

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