In a Blink of an eye

…life goes fast. Since I just got home from camp I couldn’t help but think of how fast it went. Starting in January I started my prep for camp and as camp got closer and closer I become very nervous for an assortment of reasons. I thought that camp was going to go slow as it usually does but I don’t think It has ever gone this fast. Not even last year as I was waiting for Saul to be born!
 During orientation I still had some final prep work to finish before the campers came that following Monday and I was ready to go and very excited to get camp started. I blinked and week 1 was already over. Thankfully no major incidents occurred minus a few bumps and bruises. I was filing paper work and getting ready for week 2 and I blinked…week 2 was over. Honestly It felt like that for the entire 6 weeks. And it got me thinking about life
 When I had Hannah I was always told “your going to blink and she will be grownup,” and to be honest its kind of true. In December she will be 4! I still cant believe it. This time last year I was freaking out knowing I was going to meet my gender suprise baby boom boom in a few days and now he’s almost 1! Where did the time go?
 Life moves pretty fast whether we want to admit it or not. And to be honest I will never have this moment right here right now. On July 10th 2017@ 924am. Next thing I know i will be July 10th 2020 at 924am.We need to make the best of this moment we have right now because we will never get it again. I know I am majorly at fault for well sometimes being”lazy” and not playing with my kids like I should but I need to remember how fast life goes and that as clique as all this sounds I need to live in the moment especially with my kids because I wont get it again.  Sometimes that can be hard to think about but its true. I vow to my children that no matter how tired I am I will live in the moment with them (even if it means playing Cinderella with Hannah 100x a day)


P.S Now that I am home from camp I hope to be able to post at least a weekly blog so be on the lookout!

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