The Internet can be a great place to keep in touch with friends, search for crafty ideas, and of course shop among many other things. Confession: being a stay at home mom sometimes I tend to go on the Internet (more than i like to admit) to interact with people my age since conversation with a 2year old all could drive a person crazy. Lately though when I’ve been on the Internet I have noticed so much negativity. Like way to much to handle. From Beyoncé’s superbowl preformance, to old teachers being arrested, to the drug epidemic, and just wow. Everyday I get on to update some of my fellow moms on my pregnancy and the first thing I see is something negative on my news feed. I’ve had to unfriend/unfollow so many people this week and I totally get that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I’m not a fan of putting a person down. We each live our own lives and quite frankly make our own mistakes. There are so many things people do that I do not agree with but I’m not going to go around telling them they are a lesser person than me. Everyone was raised differently, so not everyone shares the same views on subjects.
 Sorry for the rant back to the topic. Over the next few months with camp quickly approaching and being pregnant my stress level is starting to rise. And seeing such negativity is not helping at all. We are all God’s children red, yellow, black, and white, male, and female. And we were all made perfect by Him. Instead of sharing all these negativity stories essentially putting individuals down that we may or may not even know how about we start lifting people up and sharing some positivity. I know that I need a break from the Internet  (maybe not pinterest since you know I’m pregnant haha) and I know that no matter what these stories will still be shared but, I also know that I’m the one who controls my social media accounts. So if by chance I unfriend/unfollow you I’m sorry but I don’t need these stories popping up on my feed when I log in. So let’s share something positive today instead of something negative!


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