Now What?

I often find myself saying those exact words over and over again. I feel like in life there are certain exciting things that a person goes through. Once those stages/seasons are over what’s left?

I’ve already been engaged, and gotten married. Its been nearly 8 years since my wedding wow I cant believe how fast time has flown. After marriage (or before) is buying of your first house, then the announcement of the first pregnancy and then the birth of your first born. Check and Check! 2012 we bought our first home and then shortly there after  in 2013 we welcomed our precious baby girl Hannah, who will be 5 in December. After the first baby comes the subsequent pregnancy announcements after that as well as the births. Again both checked off our list, Saul was born in 2016 and Simeon just made his appearance earlier this year in 2018. But now what?

What is the next “exciting thing in life?” Kids starting school? Hannah getting engaged? Becoming grandparents? I have no idea. I guess in a sense what is there to look forward to now?

I have thought long and hard about this phrase and quite honestly there is so much to look forward to! Now I get to sit back and watch my kids grow up hopefully into good humans. My favorite part, I get to  deeper develop my relationship with my husband. Lets be honest we have been through so much in our 8 years of marriage: 3 children, 2 miscarriages, job changes and so much more. Ill be the first to admit Pregnant Leah is hard to get along with so it will be nice to not have to worry about her anymore (yes I did talk about myself in third person, and yes it was weird.)

Now since we are finished having children, my heart hurts a little bit because as terrible as my pregnancies were I absolutely loved it. That’s a post for another day, now I get to focus on my kids and my husband. I get to be the mom that can run around with them instead of getting tired easily, the mom who can play on the floor without getting stuck. I can stay up late with my husband and spend quality time talking instead of falling asleep at 7. Even though with a baby I do fall asleep early some nights, whoops.

I know this post seems to be a lot of rambling in so many different directions and I hope you were able to follow what I was attempting to say during it.  In the end its good to find the positives when something can sound so negative.

To answer the title question, Now What? Well, So much! I think this season in life is the one I am most excited for! I hope you stick around to continue to read about this crazy mess that I am blessed to call my life.

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