Touched Out

Yup you read that right! Mama is touched out. Did you know that’s a real thing especially for moms? I had no idea and thought it was just me, but so many moms experience it. After nursing Simeon all day, and the big kids being super close, at the end of the day I’m “touched out” also known as I don’t want to be touched so leave me alone.

Some days are worse then others, especially those rainy or cold days when my kids can’t go outside to play. I swear from the second they get up until they go to bed someone is always touching me. Majority of the time I’m nursing, but doing the dishes I usually have a kid running between my legs, folding laundry there’s usually someone sitting pretty much on top of me, or even when I’m just trying to drink my delicious cup of coffee.

I saw a trailer for a movie called Tully, and after I got done crying with how much I relate to that mom, I had to laugh at one part. The movie is about a new mom who is exhausted so they get a night nurse to help her out. At one part the mom says “ I hold a baby all day and then night time comes and I’m supposed to switch gears and be like oh hello I’m all sexy now.”

I feel like sometimes that is expected of moms that once the kids are in bed we are supposed to switch gears but, for those of us touched out that’s hard! My poor husband just wants to cuddle on the couch or hold my hand but I don’t want any  of it. I feel so bad but he understands that these first 3 months of having a newborn (the fourth trimester) are hard in many different ways.

I know personally I need to somehow find a balance.  Like maybe when the big kids go for quiet time and I finish feeding Simeon I can try harder to put him down to sleep so I can get an hour alone. Maybe that one hour would make a difference  who knows but it’s worth a shot.

Any other moms experience being “touched out?” What do you do to help? Tips and tricks welcome as I write this with a two year old sitting in my legs.

10 thoughts on “Touched Out

  1. Michele says:

    I so experienced this! I actually worte a blog post on this very thing a few months back. All moms suffer from being touched out! #WanderingWednesday

  2. emgottberg says:

    Thanks for your honest post! I am a FTM and my son is a cuddler and needs me for naps and sleep (partly my fault for never putting him down and partly his personality) so I know what you mean by touched out! I’ve been coping by just taking it one day at a time, being open and honest with my husband, and taking a break every now and then (baby goes to Grams’ arms while I get stuff done, alone!) and then baby-free dates are a must to continue to rekindle my husband I’s relationship!

  3. teamcartwrightblog says:

    Oh yes, I get being touched out. Now that my kids are 4,2, and 2 it can be better. But there are still some days when I just want to be able to sit without tiny bodies climbing all over me. It really helps to know I’m not the only one who feels this way! #wanderingwednesday

  4. Karen Rachelle says:

    I can totally relate! My son is going through the separation anxiety stage and plus he’s really curious about everything right now so it’s a lot and at the end of the day, this momma is tired! One thing I do is get my nails done. It’s me time away from everything and a little pampering too.

  5. Jamie Fuller says:

    You are not alone! My poor husband gets a glare instead of a hug some nights because I just can’t take one more human being touching me. I guess that’s why an occasional date night is so important…now to find a babysitter lol <3 Jamie

  6. sarahcarleypaul says:

    I can totally relate to this. Sometimes I just have to sit out on our back deck and take a five minute breather. Doesn’t always completely fix my mood, but it certainly helps! Hang in there, momma!

  7. Neha Gupta says:

    Totally some days are where i just wanna be touched out where i would love to just disappear somewhere at least for few min. What i do i end up ordering food something like my comfort food

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