Depression is like…

These  past few weeks I have been struggling hard and unfortunatly i didnt realize it. Thats the funny thing about depression it doesnt care who you are or where you are in life if it wants to hit you it will. Thats excatly whats been going on with me.

Lately Ive been feeling more on edge, Ive had a short temper with my kids and overall just wasnt happy with my life. It was rough! of course it typically takes someone or something to make everything click in my head and on sunday that happened. While driving to church my husband asked if ive been taking my medicine honestly I havent been. Ive been feeling great for the past months and stopped taking it (of course we all know when you started feeling good dont stop taking them) I was so happy thinking that I was over this depression thing and I could regulate my emotions without medicine anymore. Looks like I was very very wrong.

Of course once I realized what was going on I started my medication ASAP because I enjoy being happy, I enjoy being a mom who doesnt yell at her kids 24/7. With started my meds I forgot about all the side effects I get with them for the first week or so. Nothing too serious just annoyances nonetheless. Upset stomach and until they get regulated I still feel depressed and just “bleh.” I told my husband that dealing with the depression feels like im looking at the world through foggy glasses.

Like I can make out whats in front of me but my mind has so much going on that i cant see clearly.  The first week of medication is as if my glasses are becoming a little clear but not 100% yet. As you can see by the pictures. It honsestly takes a few weeks until my “glasses” are fully clear.

I know whats in store the next few weeks as my body regulates itself so if you are around me please be patient as Ill typically go through a wide range of emotions until things are settled. It can be a long few weeks but knowing the outcome I will push through it all to be back to 100%

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