Finding your Niche

In this crazy season of motherhood/ being a wife I find that everyone goes before me. I mean isn’t that how its supposed to be? Take care of the kids, my husband, and all the household duties. Its hard to remember the last time I did something for myself outside of the house without having to bring at least one child with me. Now, that is no ones fault but my own. But lately I’ve been thinking about what is My thing. What is something I do for myself that I selfishly don’t have to do with anyone else. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, of course I blog! Now it was quite a journey to get to this point though I’m not going to lie, as I did try to enjoy other mom only things and this will explain some of those things.

Running. I used to run it was a wonderful time to feel at one with the earth. But after having kids, my body is not what it used to be. To be quite honest after having kids I didn’t enjoy it either. Occasionally, I will run a 5k here and there because to me those are fun but getting up in the morning to run just to run is not something high on my list.

Biking. Okay I do love biking. Getting up as the sun is rising and bike a few miles is something I truly enjoy. Unfortunately, Its not something I have been able to do year round. Have you ever tried biking while the ground is covered in snow? Me either and its no something I want to try. Of course now I need to take a break from biking since my balance is so incredibly off thanks to pregnancy. But, it is something I miss and cant wait to do again.

Yoga is another thing I absolutely love and have done in the past. But again its something that is difficult for my pregnant self to do. I know that there is prenatal yoga and maybe I’ll give that a shot in the comfort of my own home, so when I fall over no one will know. But it isn’t something that appeases me in the state I am in.

Drawing/painting. Something else I used to love to do but once I had children I swear they sucked any creative ability I had out of me.  I haven’t drawn or painted in a very long time, and do not think I will pick up a set of art tools any time soon.

Blogging. Yes the good old blog. I do love writing and English/Composition classes were my favorite in both High School and College. I love typing and letting my thoughts become the words on the screen. Even while pregnant this is something I can do,  though I  do have to go back and heavily edit my work. Its something I find joy in even if no one reads it. When someone does read it and lets me know they enjoyed what I wrote I have to admit it makes me feel pretty good. Essentially, I write for myself. I started blogging in 2014 after my first child was born. Mainly to keep track of all the adventures this new season of motherhood had. I had my thoughts of what motherhood would be like, and then what it was actually like (do I sense another blog post coming) and I wanted to keep track of it all. After going through pregnancies and miscarriages, my blog became more then that. It became my outlet and it was a place for me. I didn’t have to share this activity with my husband or my children. I absolutely hate how selfish that sounds, but in this season of life it can get easy to lose your self. Since nearly every second of the day is dedicated to those around you, its okay to take some time and do something you enjoy for yourself even when you don’t think you should.

I love being a mother and a wife. I truly believe its why I was put on this earth. There are still those good days vs bad days but I love every second of it. But I also love the hour or two, typically during quiet time, when I can sit down and write. It helps me stay sane and focused. For all those mothers out there I hope that you have that special thing just for you. If you don’t I challenge you to find it.


4 thoughts on “Finding your Niche

  1. Sabra says:

    Yes!!! I think it’s so important to find something just for you as a Mom. It’s easy to get lost in parenting. Having your own thing keeps a mom sane and grounded.

  2. beehappy says:

    I’ve been really enjoying writing my blog too. I find myself getting in the zone when I’m writing something I’m passionate about and it’s been a long time since I felt like I could get in the zone for anything. It’s so hard as a mom to focus on something so completely. I find it so cathartic too. I also used to love drawing/painting but with the kids I feel like I never have a long enough chunk of time to devote to it. At least with the blog I can put it away if I need to, no spread out art materials everywhere.

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