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I love to take pictures of my children, but if you look at the bare walls in my house you would think differently. Honestly, finding the time with two children to run out and pick up or design outside of the house. I have tried numerous on line sites where the product would be delivered but I have found the sites to be confusing and I was too nervous to hit that submit button in case I did something wrong.

Insert Presto Photos! Wow this site is so incredibly easy to navigate and chose the perfect picture for your home. I used it on my phone and it was still very capable and not very different from the site on the computer. I think the most difficult part of the whole process was deciding which picture I wanted.

There are so many different options of what you can make on this site, from wall art, to photo books, calendars, and even greeting cards the possibilities are endless! I chose for my photo the Wall Art. Once I chose the wall art I had a few options: Acrylic paint, Canvas, Faux Canvas, and Metal Print. I love the way Canvas looks so that is the one I decided to go with. Next step was the orientation of the picture. Three options: landscape,  Square and Portrait. Once I chose the square option it took me to how I wanted my picture wrapped. I like the 12×12 1.5in wrap (by the way awesome prices too) Next up was choosing a title for my project. Then onto uploading the picture I liked.

As you can tell from the screen shot I chose and adorable picture of my two littles.  I pressed submit, received my confirmation email and awaited eagerly for delivery. Delivery was extremely fast in my opinion.  I was so excited to open up the box and find this beautiful picture of my kids!

Wow! I was blown away with how gorgeous it turned out! Looking over the canvas the colors truly popped out. Especially my children’s eyes which has to be my favorite feature.

Some More detail shots of the canvas you can see how thick the side is which I love! As well as it comes with its own hardware for easy hanging. Also, a close up of the canvas itself so you can get a feel for the type of material that was used.

Now comes the hard part. Trying to find the perfect place to hang it! If interested go check out Presto Photo  to see the site and order your own!


4 thoughts on “Presto Photo Review

  1. Presto Photo says:

    We are so incredibly happy that you loved your canvas!

    Thanks so much for this awesome post and we can’t wait to see what everyone creates with us (:

    Warm Regards,

  2. marie717 says:

    These look really great- I’ve seen them at other people’s homes but I’ve never had them made! We just moved and my walls are bare…hmmm might have to try one!!

  3. beehappy says:

    I have about 5 canvas prints hanging around the house. They do turn out so great and I love that they’re light and you don’t need to worry about frames. I’ve never used presto photo before but I’ll have to check them out! Thanks!

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