Winter is Here

I was always one who loved winter. I loved the cold weather and cuddling up under the covers watching a movie. My favorite part of winter, the snow! For some reason when it starts to snow everything gets quiet and peaceful. Of course if myself or my husband had to leave the house than I wasn’t the biggest fan of snow.

Since becoming a parent winter is sadly no longer my favorite season. Don’t get me wrong I still love the snow, but winter means something completely different now. It means Germs, colds, back to school, and sick kids. All my kids react to colds differently. My oldest gets a cold and is better in 24 hours. My middle child gets sick and it lingers for a while. My youngest is a mix between the oldest children.

When it comes to the children being sick I know usually its best to treat the symptoms instead of what is actually going on. When it comes to medicine (other than fever reducers) I haven’t found many products that treat the nitty gritty of some colds. Simply speaking, to treat the cough, the runny nose, the mucus, the symptoms that seem to last forever!

When my children were younger they of course had teeth break through at different times. I was first introduced to a product called teething tabs by Hylands 4 Kids. Those tabs worked wonders! My children no longer seemed to be in pain. One thing I wish I would have done all those years ago, research and see what other products they sold!

It is now 2020 and to be honest my children have been sick on/off since thanksgiving. The holidays were full of coughs and runny noses. Insert Hylands! these products saved my sanity!  There is such a wide range of products they sell to fit every situation and even situations that I didn’t realize I would end up going through. Those situations included Earache relief, and leg pain. I had no idea that my children would have leg pain, while they are going. I mean it obviously makes sense, but not something I ever thought of.

With having three children, they are all at different ages (6,3,1) which means they get different dosages of medicine. My one year hates liquid meds! Which makes things difficult when giving him medicine. Of course Hylands4kids has something for that! They have Tiny  tabs daytime and night time for colds. These tabs (similiar to the teething tabs) are tiny and dissolve quickly. A way to get medicine into my child without practically having to hold him down to give it.

If you look in my medicine cabinet now you will see a wide range of products all by Hylands. I trust their products and I know what my child is getting and that it will help. Now we are back to enjoying our winter thanks to Hylands!




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