An introverts journey to extrovertism

I’m not even sure if extrovertism is even a word so sorry if it’s not but it works for the title. 

  In my life I am surrounded by two extremely outgoing and super friendly people. Obviously that’s Kyle and Hannah. Kyle has always been outgoing for as long as I’ve known him. He will meet a person and try to be the first to shake hands. He is comfortable in a room full of people. The same can be said for Hannah. She is so outgoing that it amazes me. We will walk through church and she will wave and say hi to everyone even those she doesn’t even know. If you need a hug she will be the first to give you one. And then there is me…the complete opposite of those two. Being in a room full of people I don’t know scares me. Being at camp surrounded by people 24/7 can be exhausting and my introvert personality makes me hide after being around people 24/7 for 6 weeks. Meeting new people I don’t know the right time to handshake. Unless your my family and you give me a hug I have no idea how to react. Haha I’m so insanely awkward when it comes to that. But having a daughter who is outgoing I realized that me being mom and a role model I need to be less of a hermit and be more outgoing. 
  There’s a show big bang theory that Kyle and myself enjoy. In one episode one character who has a hard time talking to women mets a lady who is just as awkward and she vows that she makes herself do something that she feels is uncomfortable every year. Well I made that vow on my journey to becoming an extrovert. I joined the choir at church. Yea that doesn’t seem like a big deal but for me it is. I love signing (Hannah can vouch for that) so maybe doing something I love in front of a bunch of people would be helpful. Now this isn’t a normal church this church has 1000 attendees and 2 services as well as its broadcasted. Nerve wrecking! I’m glad I didnt have to sing alone or anything that’s for sure! The day of I so wanted to turn my car around and just say forget it but I didn’t, I went, I sang, I conquered! Well kinda,  I did really enjoy myself though that’s for sure. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again! Who am I turning into?!? Now I’m not an extrovert like Hannah and Kyle but I’m slowly getting there. I went to bible study yesterday and was actually talkative at my table and joined up to sing there too! Meeting new people sure I’ll shake your hand, if I met you before oh why not lets hug it out! Hopefully this can last and all these things won’t be so uncomfortable in a few months. But only time will tell I guess! 

So since  I don’t have any pictures of Hannah hugging strangers here she is hugging Jake haha
PS. I’m curious where everyone is from who reads my blog since my map says people are all over the world! Feel free to leave a comment where you’re from 😀

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