Caution: Rough Waters Ahead

So Handi*Camp 2016 has started and it has been a whirlwind so far. But on another note the camp we are staying at for these two weeks is simply beautiful and you can pretty much find inspiration in anything.
 The other day Kyle and I found some time to actually be alone together. We were both “off duty” (the quotation are for the fact we are never really off duty) and hannah was asleep. So of course our alone time consisted of kyle fishing and me gazing at my husband thinking about how much our lives are going to change in the next few weeks.
 As I write this I can say we are having a baby next month! Meaning the time we get just us is very few and far between. Life is already chaotic with one child, adding another to mix will definitely be like entering rough waters.
While we were fishing I looked on either side of the bridge and noticed how different the waters looked. On one side it was very still and calm and the other was rough with rocks causing Rapids and honestly life gets like that. There are many points in my life where I feel like I just went over a waterfall and the Rapids will never stop. But if I’m still and I listen for God he will help me get through those times. As I sat and looked at the calm water with my back to the Rapids I couldn’t help but remember the verse that says “Be still and know that I am God” I mean hello I have a shirt that says it too. And that during the day rough or not I need to take time to be still and listen.
 As the next few weeks fly by and we welcome baby 2 into our family, there will be rough times, between late night feedings, no sleep, a baby and toddler needing my attention. But no matter what I do need to remember to always take time and be still

XO Leah

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