Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you would lose your head if it wasn’t attached.  I’ve felt like that the past few days. My house is a mess I cant find anything, my socks don’t match, my daughter is wearing pink pants with a red shirt. I feel like life is on hyper speed and I’m trying to catch up.

I think it all started when my one year old cut her 3rd tooth.Sleeping hasn’t been the best and she has been quite clingy. Which is okay when I don’t have a million things going on. This weekend is the retreat for my work. Its a nice time for our guests to get away and Learn more about God. Being the head nurse there is alot for me to do and I completely forgot one of the biggest things….getting Doctor coverage.How in the world did I forget to do that!! Last Thursday I sat down and called the doctor to request coverage apologizing profusely for the fact that I usually give them a months notice and now its less than a week. I waited for a phone call back and tried to put it out of my mind during our conferences over the weekend. Monday comes and I hurry up with my sleepy toddler to work and write the letter and get everything ready to mail and stick it in our bin to go to the post office. I call and tell them everything is in the mail and apologize again. Then they say just fax it over…Fax why didn’t I think of that. It gets there quicker and I get a quick response. Duh! After I get everything ready to fax and fax it I rush home since the napping window for my toddler is very short and I put her in her crib set her up and decide maybe ill take a shower while shes napping. Of course as soon as I get in the shower  the windows of my house are about to crack with squeals of a very upset little lady. 2 minute non-relaxing shower later (personal best) I get the baby situated and she thankfully falls asleep for real this time. Time for coffee maybe that’s what I need to get out of this funk. Coffee made…no creamer..Thankfully my neighbor lent me some so i can have some coffee. Than I sit down and look around my disheveled messy house and look to my side to see my daily devotional (which ive been unfortunately lacking) and start to read. Of course just like with everything else the devotional is right on point. Sometimes life gets hectic and chaotic, sometimes days are long and nights are short but I have to remember to turn to God take some time and of course BREATH. Being a mom, missionary, wife, nurse, daughter,sister, cousin, friend can get tough but if I don’t take time to sit down breath and spend time with God than quite frankly my head is going to fly off. Just like with this post life gets messy but you just have to take some “me time”  and know everything will be okay


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