Happy Wife..Happy life….

..or at least that’s the saying. But what about Happy husband, or happy marriage. With everything going on right now life seems to have gotten the best of me and Kyle. Now Im not saying our marriage is in shambles or we aren’t in love with each other. It just fees like sometimes we are just living life and just getting by, Not really striving for anything else. Its like we are on autopilot I guess. Wake up eat breakfast he goes to work, hours pass he comes home I say Hi and go to bed. We don’t have alot of  “us” time and quite honestly we don’t put effort into making us time. 

Today I was invited to a moms group and the session was titled ” Keeping Romance Alive” Isolation VS Intimacy. It talked about the three common results when couples fall out of love. Now let me just start by saying I absolutely love my husband he is my favorite person in the word (other than Hannah) but its true after almost 5 years of marriage and a child the butterflies aren’t as strong as they used to be. After the session today and feeling like the speaker had cameras in my house I need to be more intentional about my marriage.  Unfortunately when Kyle and I get into our little disagreements I do hold grudges and I try to one up him and really am mean. There were two things that really stood out to me today. To invest more in your relationship than you withdraw, and to Experience Life together.
Invest more than you withdraw to put it in different terms be a Giver not a taker. I know at times I take and take and take but its because I feel like I give. I try to keep the house clean, do the  dishes, laundry, clutter, I make sure Hannah is okay dressed appropriately, has enough to eat, isnt stationed in front of the tv. But in a sense I feel like I’m giving to my husband but I don’t know if that’s really what he needs. With his new work schedule he inst home alot and has some rough days, he may need me to just listen to him when he gets home I can give him and ear but am I actually doing that. No, because by that time of night Im exhausted and just want to fall into bed. I need to see what his true needs are and Im hoping to do better at that.
The Second thing is to Experience Life Together. Yes we experience life together,  We obviously experienced buying our first house and the birth of our daughter together. But what about the rest of the time. What about the sunset that God paints every night just for us. Or the flowers starting to bloom as spring is right around the corner, What about those things are we experiencing those things? Unfortunately the answer yet again is No. Life gets busy but we need to stop and just experience EVERYTHING together. Life can either be rough or fun. I want it to be the latter. And I want to experience it with my husband. 
Im praying that I can take these to heart and not just get on a kick and than slowly fall back into auto pilot. Im hoping when Kyle gets home tonight we can really sit down talk and listen to eachother so we can see what each of us needs instead of just guessing. Ill leave you with my new life verse Acts 2:35 “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

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