Hannah’s story

I look at some peoples pregnancies and think wow that went fast. As for my own I felt like I was pregnant forever. After severe morning sickness and numerous hospital trips until 20 weeks I thought the day would never come. But, on December 14 everything changed. I have never been in so much pain. I went to the hospital thinking this was it. Well after a few hours and bouncing on a ball it wasn’t time and with a shot of morphine in my butt I went home. This went on a few more times and I was diagnosed with  prodromal labor. I was in labor but wasn’t progressing. It was awful to say the least. On Sunday Dec 22 I ended up back in the hospital contractions 5 minutes apart ready to go. But nope not yet. They said I had two options an elective csection since she was supposed to be huge or induced at 39 weeks. I wanted to see what my body was capable of so I opted for induction. 

  Dec 23rd early in the morning I got showered and ready to go. I knew today would be the day I would meet my daughter. It was weird leaving the house as a family of two knowing we would return a family of three. We arrived at the hospital at 7am and pitocin was started. I felt pretty good ready for the day ahead. Around 11am I was at 4cm wahoo and they broke my water. Right before a contraction started Hannah would get super exvited. The nurses thought that was the funniest thing. Around noon i was ready for my epidural.  I fell in love with the guy doing it. Of course he said all pregnant women do lol   I finally had some relief and was exhausted.  Every few hours I would get checked on and was at 5cm my labor stalled. 6pm I was checked again and still at 5cm so we all agreed a csection would be best. Hannah’s head was also stuck so it was best for both of us to do it. 7pm prepped and wheeled into the operating room. I was scared and exhausted. Kyle stayed by my side and I told him to wake me up when she was about to come out because I just wanted to sleep. I had some last minute thoughts would I be a good mom will I have that instance in love feelin…
 8:08pm after feeling pushing and tugging on my belly this adorable 8lbs 1oz 21inches long angry raisin came out screaming. I was thankful that after getting into recovery I was the first person (other than nurses and doctors) to hold her. All my worries and fears went away. And I couldn’t believe that She is perfect and she is and always will be mine 

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