What do you do for a living….

  Seems like a pretty easy question to answer. But for me I don’t know how to answer it half the time. You see I’m a nurse, but I’m also a missionary, and a stay at home mom. Confusing right. Well let’s try to break this down.  

  Well the first two kinda go together. I am a nurse I’ve worked in the school system and a psychiatric hospital. But at my missionary job I’m also a nurse. Not the type of missionary nurse that travels the world and helps those in need. Since that is what people assume as soon as I say I’m a nurse with a missionary organization. My job is wonderful I have a great support system and I get to do what I love. Which is working with individuals whom have disabilities. I work with Handi*Vangelism and my main focus is on Handi*camp. I make sure over 170 people (campers and staff) stay healthy over a 6 and a half week span. I love every second of it. Mainly though my job needs my primary focus from Dec-mid July. So what do I do the rest of the year?
  This is where being a stay at home mom comes into effect. Of course during camp and camp prep I’m still taking care of my daughter and usually taking her to work with me. But from end of July-Dec I’m mainly home well minus the few hours here and there to run to the office. I love being home with Hannah more than I thought I would. Of course there are days I long for adult conversations and drinking my coffee before it gets cold but all in all I love seeing her grow up right before my eyes and not missing anything. I’m lucky I’m able to do this since a lot of women can’t and I thank God every day ,and my husband for working his butt off, to allow me to do this everyday. 
  So yet again we are back at the begining. What do I do for a living? Live my life the best way that I can. 😉


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