Here We Go again!

Those were my thoughts when we found out we were pregnant with Blessing #3. To say I was nervous is an understatement. Since getting to this point has been anything but easy. Let me take you back to a year from now.

We had Saul in July 2016 It was a picture perfect pregnancy and delivery. Everything went perfectly and I had my new son laying on my chest around 9am. After waiting 9 months to find out if this baby was a girl or a boy it was amazing to here “you have a son!” After Saul was born I started having some painful issues which led to surgery of December of that year. I thought if we planned on having more children we may struggle a bit. We always knew we wanted to adopt to add to our family so we were getting ready to have “the talk” aka when or if we would have more biological children, when to adopt, in the fall of 2017.

The day we found out: Camp was going pretty smoothly it was interesting trying to juggle my job as well as taking care of two children. So I was feeling great absolutely zero signs of pregnancy so looking back I am no 100% sure why I took a test to begin with.  Anyway, It was the day of my Husbands birthday, which coincided with our trip to Ocean City.  That morning for some odd reason I decided to take a test (yes I had one randomly funny how things work out.) So after Kyle left and while the kids were still sleeping I decided to take a test. Well it was the quickest positive I ever gotten. I was in shock! I called my friend who was on the other side of the building to look to see if I was seeing things and lo and behold she saw it too.  I was shaking and honestly couldn’t think straight. Now to tell hubby..


So I caught Kyle while he was driving around in the golf cart and he parked it and I said We need to talk. I started to tear up and said I’m so sorry. He said your pregnant. Tears started flowing as I kept apologizing. He said how excited he was and how it was the best birthday present ever. I was still in shock and still am to this day.

If you have followed my old blog you know camp has been a little challenging for me since 2015 and now it feels like things have gone full circle. In 2015 I lost my precious baby while at camp, it was one of the toughest things I have ever gone through. In 2016 I was 9 months pregnant with my now son and now 2017 I find out I’m pregnant while at camp. Funny how things work.

We are currently a little over 16 weeks pregnant and the shock is starting to wear off a bit and excitement has set in. We will not be finding out this little ones gender as there aren’t many surprises in life but holding your baby after hearing the gender is a great one! We found out we are pregnant on Kyle’s birthday and we are due right near my birthday.  This will be our last biological child. After 5 pregnancies (2 miscarriages hopefully 3 births) I don’t feel as though my body can handle anymore. Stay Tuned  I cant wait to meet this little one and introduce him or her to you all come March!



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