Finding the Positives in the Negatives

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Have you ever had one of those days where it feels like nothing goes right? A day that feels like a Monday yet the calendar says Thursday for an example. One of those days that is super long before the clock hits noon. Well that has been my day. Usually, a day like today I would let the day overtake me. But instead I tried something new. Each time something negative happened (which today felt like many times) I tried to turn that negative around into a positive.

This morning my children were Grumpy with a capital G! We had a very late night watching the annual parade down the street and the kids did not want to get up today to go to Preschool. The entire way to school was full of whines and cries, as well who can be  the loudest contest. Longest 30minute drive ever. Once at school I have this rule with my oldest, who is 3, that she needs to keep her hand on the car at all times while I put her brother in and out of the car seat and get what ever bags I need. As you can see she wasn’t feeling it.


The Positive: I am so thankfully that I have children, even when they are grumpy and driving mommy crazy. Without them my life would be totally different. Even on the hard days I am still thankful that they are mine especially after knowing the heartache of losing children before I got a chance to meet them.

While dropping Hannah of at preschool the van started acting funny and wouldn’t you know the lovely little yellow engine light comes on. Anytime a light comes on in the van I get nervous to drive it even when the mechanic says its okay to drive until its seen (has an appt on Tuesday btw)


The positive: I am thankful that I have a van to drive that fits my growing family. Even though some days its full of crumbs and toys, I am thankful that I have a reliable vehicle. My favorite part about it, It was my grandparents too so I feel like they are always with me when I am driving.

After dropping Han off at school, Saul and I walked to a local coffee shop with some friends to chat and get out of the house while caffeinating out tired mommy bodies. While there the little SIR decided to poop, it happens hes a baby, and of course mommy didn’t bring his diaper bag.  #momfail. But, not only did he poop himself, it got on me too. Don’t worry I did not take a picture of that mess.

The Positive: I am so thankfully I have a healthy son that well poops. Hannah always had trouble so for him to go so easily makes me happy no matter how messy it gets!

After getting home and getting changed it was time to go get Hannah. I had to get Saul in the car, some few other things and his stroller. In the mist of that some how some of my delicious Iced Pumpkin Spiced Latte spilled on me. I couldn’t care less about the mess, I was mourning the fact that there was a sip I couldn’t drink.


The positive the fact the Squirt (what my 3yr old has named the baby) allowed me to have coffee without getting sick today thankfully!

Due to the fair down the street Traffic can be a nightmare! I left early in hopes of having Saul sleep a big since he was a tad grumpy and he was doing great. Until we hit a traffic jam. I should have taken a detour but I didnt think it would be that bad. It was. Meaning not only was I stuck in traffic (with the check engine light on) I had a screaming toddler, hes 1 so i can consider him a toddler right, in the back losing his mind. Thew his paci and his book was pretty much hating life. Silly me thought the drive this morning was long.


The Positive: I am so thankful that my little town has a fair with great food and fun rides that my children love, even it makes my commute more difficult during that certain week. I am also so thankful that I live so close to the fair that I can walk two blocks and I am there.

I challenge everyone who reads this that those days when it seems like so much is going wrong you try to find the positives in each of those rough negative situations you may encounter. Trust me It will help your day go better.


25 thoughts on “Finding the Positives in the Negatives

  1. Jo-Ann Woodward says:

    Oh Leah, I am so glad you can see the positive in the negative! When my kids were young, I only saw the negative. Thanks for making me realize there were positives in there too!

  2. So, I'm a Mom Now... says:

    Thank you for sharing. I try very hard to see the positive out of things too. Sometimes it is very hard, but it is worth doing because being a grumpy mommy doesn’t make the kids happy and it makes it harder to enjoy them.

  3. Sophie Piper says:

    I love this. Cultivating a grateful heart is a game changer and a wonderful lesson to teach your kids. I love the hand on the car rule too. Parking lots are scary with littles!

  4. kyrafaulkner says:

    Having one of those days today! Thank you for the reminder of the relief that can come when we take a deep breath and try to find the positive — even if it’s just being able to enjoy a bit of caffeine in peace (and without getting sick)!

  5. Janice hill says:

    Love this! Thanks so much for the reminder 💕💕 some days are so stressful when kids are little and sometimes it seems like when one thing goes wrong everything goes wrong. To look at the positive in each negative helps a lot🙏🙏

    1. Leah says:

      Yes they can! I absolutly love my children but somedays Im not quite sure where the threenagers attitude comes from haha

  6. Monica says:

    I love this!!!!! I have a four-year-old and a one-year-old and some days I think I might actually be going crazy. But I love this idea and I am definitely going to try it!

    1. Leah says:

      Yes me too! 3yr old 1yr old and pregnant. Some days are longer then others haha Hope you’ve had success with this!

  7. Tavia says:

    THIS. I have been praying so hard for Grace and Patience. I have been TRYING (and failing) at being grateful for just HAVING the things that break! Hang in there mama!

  8. Joslynn Wassing says:

    Oh man, its just one of those days!
    But, its so awesome you looked at the positives! Everyone should take a minute to reflect on positive things in life when having rough days!
    I am definitely going to try this next time!

  9. mogulmomartisan says:

    I have lived in this thought mode for a while because if I didn’t change my perception then I was just repeating all the negative through the rest of my day and it reflected onto everything I did from that bad moment on. Great post

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