Product Reviews 11/21

All of what I express is my own unbiased opinion. I did receive this products at a discounted price but everything I say is my own and was not influenced in any which way.

NYB Arabic Scrub

let’s Chat about this #coffeescrub! okay I love love love coffee so being able to rub it on my body is a win win! there is no harsh aroma with this scrub I mean it just smells like glorious #coffee. I’ve used scrubs before that have used Mits or stick applicators but honestly I just use my bare hands to rub it on my problem areas. My skin does feel smoother but I’m not seeing a decrease in my #stretchmarks yet.

 SwissVita Eye Serum

I’m a mom to two adorable children….who hate sleep. With that being said the bags under my eyes should have their own zip code. I’ve been using this under eye Serum twice a day for a few days and I look like a new person! I don’t need as much concealer and it looks like I have actually slept more than a few hours in the past week! This #micrite3d is a life saver! The only issue I have with it is that after I use it, under my eyes feels a bit sticky. But I can honestly look past that since it works!

SelpHbalance Mosquito bands

I hate mosquitos they drive me crazy! I love being outside in the summer but I feel like these bugs prevent me from enjoying that. this #mosquit looks to be a product I have needed in my life. I love that the package is #resealable to keep all the good in. Also it comes with 12 different bands! one color per family member. I Love that wearing this I don’t have to worry about spraying myself or my children with those nasty sprays! This saves the Hassel and keeps everyone protected. the smell is not overwhelming like that of #bugspray. Once you take the band off your skin doesn’t smell like it either. Which in my opinion is great!

HealthyWiser Water test strips

I Think it is extremely important to know what is in your water! These test strips from HealthyWiser show just that! It’s so easy to use. Once you open the cap there are four vacuum sealed bags filled with tests. You then take a strip and put it horizontally in your drinking, pool, spa, shower,fish water for 30 seconds. After you take it out, DO NOT SHAKE, and then compare your test strip to the legend on the side of the bottle. So easy! Some of the things you can test for are nitrates, water hardness, alkaline.


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