Getting my life back!

A little backstory since 2012 I have had on and off pain. Sometimes I could go months with no pain others i was in and out of the hospital. Since having Saul in July I have been in constant pain. In and out of the hospital. My depression worsening, feeling like I was living in the fog of just trying to make it through the day. Its been rough. I couldnt do the things I loved because they caused more pain, heck just getting out of bed was painful. All this pain was physical and emotional.  Finally I had enough. I thought I knew what was causing this pain and I needed it out! After speaking to my doctor we set a date to get my ovary and my appendix removed. Keeping our fingers crossed that this was the answer. Surgery day came and I was a mess! Ive had many surgeries in the past but having surgery as a mom is hard! I had so many fears going into surgery regarding my children and my husband, and of course worry that after surgery the pain would still be there. Surgery went off without a hitch and that day I was feeling great! Other than recovery pain the pain I was feeling was gone! It was as if the block in my body was removed and my right side felt empty. Two weeks later I feel terrific! I have not felt that pain since surgery day. I am now so excited for life! My depression is so much better, I am happier, enjoying my children and my life. I finally have my life back! Im excited to get back on bike, and do yoga without the pain holding me back. Heck I even enjoy my household chores! It blows my  mind how much my perspective on life has changed since I am pain free. To be quite honest I am so incredibly exhausted from Saul not sleeping but I am happy and oh so thankful!


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