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Lately I have been able to review some pretty awesome products for free or at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion. These are a few of the awesome products I was able to test.

 Anxiety & Stress Relief with Tranquility Synergy

 I Struggle wit anxiety and stress. Honestly It has just been a part of my normal day to day life. I was given this product to review and at first I was extremely skeptical. I did not think some smelly oil was going to help me feel better. But that “smelly oil” exceeded my expectations! To start it smells Great! I applied it to the back of my neck before bed and honestly I haven’t been able to sleep that well in years! When I was feeling anxious or stressed I would apply a few drops to my wrist and rub it in. It worked nearly instantly.This product is wonderful and does just what it says it will. As an added bonus it didn’t leave my skin feeling oily or greasy. This little bottle ( and the awesome bag it came in) will go with me everywhere!

  Weight Management & Appetite Control with SlimWay Grapefruit Synergy

 This oil is made by the same company. I had the same thoughts using this as well. This also smells amazing, and I used it twice a day rubbing on my stomach in a clockwise circle as well as behind my ears. Unfortunately I am still waiting for the results. I don’t feel an decrease in my appetite. I wont stop using it though because I truly believe this will work. I plan on doing some research to see if there are other places I can put it like pressure points and what not. So we will see!

Women’s Classy Short Sleeve Cut Out Belted Casual Party Cocktail Dress

Beautiful Casual dress. It fits like a glove, so if you have any problem areas around the stomach or hips I would suggest Spanx. The color in my opinion is a bit more blue than the green than I expected but nonetheless it is a beautiful color. It zippers up the back and once zipped it is fairly discreet. Also comes with a nice belt. The belt has a bit of shine to it especially when outside, but not terrible. This dress also has very nice cap sleeves as well as the bottom which are excatly like the dress iI the stock photo. The material is a nice stretchy material so once the dress is on you do not feel like you are suffocating which is a bonus I feel.

Stretch Mark Remover and Anti Scar oil

Just like with the other Oils I was a skeptic. I tried this oil twice a day in two different areas of my body. I tried it on my newer stretch marks from having Saul 4 months ago, as well as the stretch marks on my legs from gaining weight. I must admit the stretch marks on my legs seem to have faded very nicely and they are almost unnoticeable. The stretch marks on my stomach on the other hand did not fade very well. Im assuming that it is because they are fresher. There are a few that have faded though so Im not sure what the difference is. I still enjoy this product and will continue to use it. I am also very glad that there is no awful smell too. For some reason I thought it would be sticky and greasy but it wasn’t. Overall I think it is a great product!

Christmas Laser lights

So I have heard that Christmas Laser lights are the new thing. and I can see why! These are amazing! It makes decorating for Christmas so easy! I love the way it looked on the house and there was no setup at all. There were two things that I didnt like about this product. I didnt like how there wasnt a remote control to control the laser. I wish I had an on/off switch so I could turn the lights on in the comfort of my own home. I also wish this was solar powered.  For this product you have to use a waterproof cord or else it doesnt work. If it was solar powered you wouldnt have to worry about having an outside outlet and an extra cord. But overall once it is set up it looks great!
XO Leah

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