Why Do you blog?

Honestly, Ive been thinking about this a lot. Why in the world did I start this blog and what were my original intentions vs how the blog developed. I started this little blog as an online diary of sorts. I have an awful memory and quite frankly I started to write so in a few years I wont forget this important season of my life. I never thought I would share my life with the world, and be as open and honest as I have been. There have been many times I have thought to myself if I really wanted to post certain blogs. My Presley and Sage posts as well as my PPD are all situations that I have gone through that were/ are still tough to deal with. Those posts I must have sat and thought should I post these, will anyone read them, will people look at me differently, for a very long time after writing them. Obviously I posted them and I am so glad I did. The outpouring of love and that other people have gone through the same things is why I will continue to write. I decided that I was going to post the good the bad and the ugly about my life as a mother, and as a wife. Im sure there will be posts where people will roll there eyes, but hopefully all who read will laugh and cry along with me. When It comes to motherhood its an exhausting job and not very pretty. Trust me Im trying to figure out if its my skin or my shirt that smells like sour milk right now. But its an amazing and rewarding job. Being a wife is a tough job too. Trying to be the best for my husband and keeping him sane once he comes home from work. Stressful at times but still amazing. I hope you continue to stay with me on this journey and enojoy reading what I write. Also If anyone has ideas of what they would like me to write feel free to share. Somedays theres not enough coffee and I cant think of what to write haha. XO Leah

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