St Ives Review

My skin can be terrible at times and chasing a toddler around while having summer temperatures (in the middle of winter) I tend not to smell the greatest by the end of the day. Thankfully a great company called Influenster sent me some products to review so let’s get started! 

 St Ives Pear Nectar & Soy Body lotion
 I honestly wasn’t sure if I would like this product. Pear Nectar doesn’t sound to appeasing and I’ve never had “fruit smelling” lotion before. But boy did this product prove me wrong! It smells amazing and not as fruity as I thought. My skin is so smooth for hours. I don’t need to reapply every 5 minutes which is nice. I was pleasantly surprised by this and will most likely buy it once this runs out.
Nourished and smooth Oatmeal scrub and Mask
 The skin on my face is odd. Some days it’s super oily and other days it’s dry and cracking. It makes buying products hard since majority of the time a product is for a specific problem. I’ve tried masks before as well as scrubs and I felt like they left my skin even more dry. Right off the bat I knew it would smell amazing I love the smell of oatmeal products. I used a quarter size (maybe a little less) and scrubbed my face with it. My face actually looks really nice and glowing. Not like a teenager going through puberty. My face is nice and soft and no flaky skin. I think out of the bunch this is my favorite product. Will Definitely buy this product again. 
 Even &Bright Pink Lemon&Mandarin Exfoliating body wash
 I was really excited for this product. The name made me think it was going to make me smell amazing. Upon opening it, it did smell amazing. After using it though it was no different than any other body wash I’ve used before. A half hour or so after using it I realized my skin had no smell. It doesn’t smell like when I was using it in the shower. I like body washes that make my skin smell amazing for at least a little while. I was disappointed in this product and most likely will not be buying  it. 
 Hope you enjoyed my review! Next week will be the first 2016 post! If your curious about what influenster is and want to get your own free products leave a comment below! 

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