Happy Birthday Hannah!

Wow my baby is two! I can’t believe it. This time two years ago I was in labor waiting to see who this little lady, who had been kicking me for 9 months, would look like. It’s so funny when I look back on those first pictures because she honestly looks so different! Over the past two years this little lady has taught me so much. These are the top five things she has taught me. 

1) be patient. I struggle with patience especially as hannah got older and started using that infamous word No. But she has taught me that I have to be patient with her as she is still learning, and exploring 
2) Breath. Now  I’m not saying breath as in the literal sense but figuratively speaking of course. Having a strong willed toddler can test ever part of me but I sometimes need to walk away take a mommy time out and breath and that is fine to do. 
3) Stop cleaning and play. Being a home owner some days I feel like my house has to be immaculate like those magazines. But as I clean there is usually someone behind me making a mess. Some days the dishes can wait because she will only be this young one. 
4) Every opportunity is a teaching opportunity. Whether it’s a skill like sweeping, math, reading or a life lesson like kindness there is a teaching opportunity  around every corner. 
5) Cuddle often! As Hannah gets older she gets more independent meaning she doesn’t want to cuddle which is hard for mommy. So any chance she wants to sit with me or cuddle I’m going to take it. Since I’m not sure when that will end for good (hopefully never.) 
 There are of course many many other lessons she has taught me in her two years but I’m going to keep this short so I can go hang out with the birthday girl! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!


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