Surface Devotions

I know for myself finding quiet time with God is so difficult some days. My quiet time with God used to be when I was driving in my car alone. I would just talk out loud as if God was sitting in the passenger seat. After Hannah came I found myself to never be alone in the car. Unfortunately my time with God was put on the back burner and I didn’t realize it. I started going to a wonderful Bible study at my church and met an amazing group of women and it was then that I realized I was missing something. I thought it was social interaction with woman my own age, and I enjoyed going and seeing them weekly (well the weeks that I could make it.) Within the past few weeks I’ve realized I have become in a sense mean, short tempered and a conclusion jumper (sorry Kyle) and its really reeked havoc in my life. I just felt like something was missing, but I was so quick to jump to anger instead of rational thinking.  I started to really look inward and I realized that I am missing that quiet time with God, that helps keep me in check and makes me feel better about life. My wonderful husband got me a new Bible for Christmas and I am so excited to dive into it. But as far as devotions go I’m not one who can just open the Bible and read, I need guidance. I invested in a devotional Journal by Sarah Young. I was skeptical at first and made sure to find time daily to do my devotions, usually during Han’s nap time, and I must admit the past two days have been exceptionally incredible!! The devotions lined up exactly with what I am going through and make me want to open and dig in the Bible for more answers. Its so refreshing and I can feel my soul becoming happy. It feels as though God is saying this is what you have been missing, here is the information you have been searching for, and here I am. Yesterday’s devotional was about trusting God, today’s devotion was about praying with perseverance. Two things I have struggled with over the past week. Its incredible and I am so excited to see what tomorrows devotion will say and what else God has in store for my life. 


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