You win some and you lose some. That’s what kept running through my head today. Yesterday I started a new schedule with Hannah and it went so much better than I could have expected it. Today…that was another story. She slept in her crib until 745ish (usually she comes in our bed at 6am) she felt like skipping her morning nap and it was not a silent protest in the slightest. Okay so we adapted and played had a morning snack to try and keep the rest of the day on schedule. Lunch came and so did nap time. Well nap time (2 glorious hours I am able to get things done) turned into half an hour of barely anything. As much as I tried, sleep wasn’t going to happen. No temp wasn’t hungry so we played, and played, screamed a bit, and played in the snow. Eventually she ate dinner once dada got home and went to bed 5:45. 

Today’s schedule was not her normal schedule and I had to adapt to what she decided we were doing today. I love schedules but with a toddler I have to be okay with the fact that sometimes I have to throw it out the window and play by her rules. Scary but it will all be okay and will just be a busier night when she finally goes to bed. And of course tomorrow is a new day! 


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