The Story of Saul

What a whirlwind pregnancy! I can’t believe it’s over and my precious baby is in my arms. Even though I felt overall better during this pregnancy emotionally it was so much harder. Having lost a baby a year earlier I was nervous this entire pregnancy. We obviously didn’t decide to find out the gender and I think for my emotional well being it was a smart decision. I was convinced our previous baby was a boy and that’s why we lost him. So I was convinced baby boom boom was a girl since I carried this baby to the end Boy oh boy was I wrong! Now let’s get to his story
 We decided fairly early we wanted an “end date” since kyle is traveling to Ghana July 30th and we were due on the 15th. I wanted to make sure he would get time with the newborn before his trip so we decided to schedule a csection on the 12th (with the hope of going into labor and having a vbac before that date) I did in fact go into labor in regards to contractions but unfortunatly I never progressed which seems to happen to me. Anyway each doctor appointment we went to every doctor said they thought there was a big baby in there. With no ultrasound to confirm I was a little nervous if I would be able to do a vbac if the time came.
 We made it to the 12th with no signs of a vbac and after a sleepless night we arrived bright and early at 530am. The emotions I felt going into the hospital were so overwhelming. I had so many fears and so many worries that I think I cried to kyle numerous times I just wanted to go home. I was keeping this baby inside forever and I didn’t want to go through it. I’m glad he didn’t agree with me.
 I absolutely love our hospital and all the staff know our history so they are super sensitive and just overall sweet. We got to our room about 545 and signed all the papers and went through what the day was going to look like. I feel like time went so fast! Before we knew I was being rolled down to meet my baby. We met the staff who would be assisting in the surgery. Kyle and I prayed and he waited as I went back and was prepped. Of course after I got my spinal and was on the table I threw up everywhere which was pretty much the entire pregnancy anyway so why wouldn’t the last day be any different.
 While the surgery was going on me and kyle just chatted as if it was just a regular day and my stomach wasn’t getting ripped open. We waited in anticipation to find out what this precious baby was. As the doctor pulled boom out (yes I have pictures of him entering the world but they are pretty gruesome so I’ll spare you) kyle got to look and tell me what the baby was. With tears he said it’s a boy! To which I replied no its not it’s a girl, after going back and forth, having all the staff tell me it’s a boy and seeing a picture I broke down crying saying I have a son. I looked at kyle and said I gave you a son! We were both excited. While the surgery was still happening they brought Saul over and I got to do skin to skin. It was an incredible experience! I unfortunatly couldn’t hold him for too long due to some shoulder pain but the time I had was everything I could have wanted. Everyone was quite curious how big he was since he was quite a large baby (he still looks tiny to me) Kyle went with him to get weighed as I finished up and met him back in recovery where he told me he was 10lbs 3oz 22inches  that is a big baby! But he is perfect! He nursed right away and was super content.
Hannah was the first person to meet him and had the privilege of telling the rest of the family that he was a boy. She absolutely adores baby brother and is so helpful I couldn’t have asked for a better big sister for Sauly, as she calls him.
 We are adjusting to being home now, and it’s a huge adjustment but things seem to be going well. Sauls days and nights were mixed up for a bit so we are still trying to set that straight. But thankfully he is nursing like a champ! Mommy is very happy she can drink more than 12oz of coffee lol. Big sister Hannah has adjusted very well to her new brother and is very protective of him. Kyle is cool calm and collective of course. And I am still recovering from surgery some days are better than others, but I’m anxious to get back into a routine.

Heading to the hospital to meet baby boom boom!

Skin to skin with my son

Hannah meeting baby brother for the first time

Saul Isaiah Robinson 

Father and Son, which happens to be my favorite picture! 


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