Just a quick update on life and the past few blogs. 

Paci war:  still a war, Hannah has her days of going to sleep no problem. But then she has days like last night night where it took her two hours to fall asleep. I’m not sure if it’s because we just got home from jersey or because she seemed to be feeling a little sick yesterday. 
 Jake and the fleas:  do I feel like the worst furmom ever!  Took him to the vet last week since he was still itching, and I’m super paranoid, to make sure he doesn’t have fleas. He is flea free! But come to find out he is allergic to flea bites hence why he is still itching. And the icing on the cake he has a few “hot spots” on his legs but the worse one was smack dab in the middle of his head. The vet had to save his poor head and he looks ridiculous 😔 but we have to do what’s best for him. He is on medication for the hot spot as well as for the itching. I’m hoping he feels better soon too. 
Fleagate 2015: this has been a very very rough few weeks in the robinson house! We’ve treated the dog the house and nothing was working so last Wednesday I called an exterminator. We were planning on heading to jersey on Saturday for a few parties but after talking to Kyle, myself, Hannah and Jake went to jersey on Wednesday. Kyle would come on Saturday after the exterminator came. Lots of tears as I was at my wits end feeling like the absolute person in the world with all of the above happening at the same time. But, there was a lot I didn’t know about these fleas and boy am I happy we called an exterminator to help. On a positive note he said it was one of the cleanest houses he’s been in. He will be coming back once more next week just to make sure they are all really gone. 
Sorry for such a blah post but these past weeks,and my brain,have been a blur. Next week will get back to normal. I promise! 

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