What are you having…..

A baby!  At this point and time we have no idea if boom boom (what we call the baby, actually hannah gave the baby his/her nickname) is a boy or a girl, and we won’t know until boomer makes an entrance.
 People have asked me if I have a feeling what boom boom is. And I can honestly say I have no idea anymore. This pregnancy is the exact opposite of Hannahs. I’ll be 27 weeks on Friday and I’m still sick unfortunately, with hannah I was finished at 10 weeks, cravings are different, heartbeats are similar, favorite hangout spot is similar. So as far as old wives tales go it’s pretty even
 With hannah I knew she was a girl and found out I was right a little over 20 weeks. With this baby I could have sworn that I’m carrying a boy. I would bet my house this is a boy. But as the weeks go on  my feelings of boy have gone away and I just do not know. I did confess to kyle that in all honestly I do not think I can carry boys. I know it sounds ridiculous but I swore Presley was a boy and ultimately we lost that baby. So in my mind I can only carry girls since I carried and delivered hannah.
 Whatever Gender this baby is I’m so excited either way and I can not wait to meet this little one. As the pregnancy goes on I do go back and forth with calling the baby a he one day and a she the next since I do not like the term “it” but I have no idea who excatly this person is.  It’s funny though, with hannah I had to know her gender I was going crazy until I found out. With this baby I’m okay with not knowing. The suprise is quite exciting, and it’s a blind date I’m actually excited for.
 Now only 13 or so more weeks until we hear “It’s a…” ugh I can not wait!


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