What’s in a name…

Yup had to go all Shakespeare for a second. I’ve been thinking a lot about my babies names and how they each have a unique story so I thought I would share. 

 When we found out we were pregnant with Sage we honestly didn’t have enough time to bounce around names before we lost her. We lost her in 2012 and she didn’t have a name until 2015. More on the later. 
 Hannah was actually pretty easy. Right before we found out we were pregnant I played Hannah at a bible club and realized I loved that name. Elizabeth just fit as a middle name. Of course we had zero idea that her initials would of course be HER. Whoops. Of course if she turned out to be a he she would have been Jude Matthew. But Kyle says now if we ever have a boy his initials have to be SIR so we will see about that. 
 Presley we honestly didn’t talk names at all. He didn’t have a set name for girl or boy and just like with Sage we were unable to find out the gender. Since we lost Pres at the beginning of camp and I still had 6 weeks until I could go home I had an amazing camp support system who let me have a ton of time alone. One of my alone times I was thinking about my baby and it bugged me how he and my 2012 baby didn’t have names. I read a story (I think it was the Heaven is for real book but don’t quote me) about how a boy went to Heaven and met his older sister who didn’t have a name. That got me and I wanted my children to have names even if I never met them or knew their gender. I started to look at unisex names and their meanings as I love the meaning of names more so than the actually name sometimes. Sage means “the wise one” and I just loved that. I pray that my baby would be wise and I’m sure she is!  Presley means priests meadow but what I thought was pretty cool was its derived from the word preost meaning priest and Leah meaning wood. So of course my baby had to be named Presley. And in case your wondering Hannah means favor or grace. 
 I was happy that there were a ton of nice unisex names and quite honestly I think it’s a huge responsibility to give another human a name. I’m hoping God will bless us with more children as I have some new favorite girl and boy names but  I’ll keep those to myself for now. 

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