Day 4

December 20, 2018

Goodness! and I thought I was tired yesterday! The kids were so excited to be at GiGi and PopPop that they did not want to sleep. They were still awake when I eventually crawled into bed at about 10pm. I think they finally settled at about 11pm which of course it when the Simeon party started. He was then up almost every hour. The little stretch of time that he wasn’t up was the stretch of time I was up with Hannah. So yea Mama is ready for bed.

The kids Not only went to bed late but they got up even earlier then usual! (Pass a jug of coffee this way please.) I got the kids settled with help from my mom who went out to get some breakfast and coffee. Before she went to work I ran to the food store to pick up some essentials for me and the kids while we are staying here. At times it was a bit frustrating since I am used to the layout of my store so I had no idea where anything was. Yea, still looking for some pomegranate seeds haha. Although I do have a pomegranate I plan on cutting open tomorrow to get some seeds. Once home and unloaded My mom went to work and it was time for our long day to start. Its so odd because I am home alone with the kids every day and some days Kyle doesn’t get home until late but for some reason today was a long day.

We played for a while, the kids loved looking at the trees my parents had, and even played in their new room for a bit which was nice for me so I could drink my second cup of coffee for the day. I got a chance to organize our food and clean up a bit. I’m a stress cleaner so to say so it was relaxing to be able to vacuum and clean up. Once I finished all that I decided to sit on the couch and watch a show since I could see the big kids playing on the monitor and Simeon was content in his walker, or so I thought…. Yes, I thought Saul was my daredevil but no. It’s Simeon, never trust the youngest child! Somehow he figured out how to push his one leg up on to the padding of the walker to literally pull himself out of his walker so he can climb on furniture, or as the picture shows me. I thought the walker was my safe place, but I guess not.

After finding out that fun thing the kids had lunch and moms favorite part of the day. Quiet time! Except it wasn’t really quiet time unfortunately. It was more like lets get even crazier since we are so exhausted from staying up all night. Saul found a wheel barrel and was cruising around the couches in the living room. I told him he needed to be careful or he would get hurt. Did he listen? Nope!

He smacked his head on the corner of a table. Instant goose egg on his eyebrow. I freaked out. Great Kyles in Ghana and I may have to take a kid to the ER for a concussion. Immediately I ran through my nursing checklist. No vomit, Good eye dilation, Still talking etc. I grabbed and ice bag and stuck it on his head. At this point he is sitting next to me. I’m watching him and then he fell asleep. Oh my goodness you have got to be kidding me! I call my mom in a panic thinking I need to take him in. I’m trying to wake him up and hes just lethargic and pushing me away to sleep. Mom comes home and helps me call the doctor in town to figure out what to do. I’m doing my best to handle the situation but honestly yes I am a nurse but when it comes to my kids I swear that knowledge goes away. I realize that he is probably tired from being up all night and not napping. But I decide to keep and eye on him and let him rest/ice the brow. After talking to the doctor most likely they would have done everything I was doing so instead of spending a ton of money to hear what I already know we stayed home. But you better believe if he starts vomiting we are going.

That incident happened around 230 its 730 and other than the first hour he is back to himself. Bugging his sister and eating everything in site.


I finally heard from Kyle later in the evening About 10pm Ghana time.  After the day I had it was hard to see kyle and hear his voice. Of course I was so incredibly thankful I got to not only hear his voice, hear how his day was but see his face. But after the scary long day I just wanted to feel his hug. It stinks because I still have to wait for that. And here comes the water works again. Ugh, lets just pretend I have bad allergies or something in my eye haha. I’m praying the kids all sleep better tonight because we all know this mom needs it. I’m thankful though, that my mom is off work tomorrow so I can take a nap if I need to, and get to the gym to clear my mind as people say. Sometimes a little me time isn’t a bad thing.

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