Day 6 &7

December 22-23, 2018

I missed posting yesterday and to be quite honest it was a fun but rough day. so lets recap yesterday first and then we will go into today. So December 22, 2018 in the morning I had a few errands I needed to run for my mom so I got out alone which was nice. Man all this driving around, listening to music that has nothing to do with children ( hello 90’s pop jam)  is making me spoiled! I was a little dishelved since I was unable to really talk with the night before so I was in a funk a lot of yesterday. My mom sent me away to take a nap and kinda gather my thoughts. I didn’t realize how much sleep I actually needed until my head hit the pillow and I was asleep.  Next thing I know it was time to get up and get ready for Aunt Anki’s Ugly Sweater Smorgesboard. Oh my goodness! I will be cleaning glitter out of my car all day! (Sorry Aunt Anki for the glitter!) Yea,  I guess that’s what happens when you let your kids make their own shirts. The kids did well but of course when it was time to leave it was meltdown city! We got home and went straight to bed (all of us) I think it was the earliest I went to bed since Kyle left. Unfortunately, I did not get to talk to Kyle which of course was rough, but time difference and power outages on his end can make things difficult at times.

December 23, 2018

Id like to title this portion of the Blog “Confidence in Motherhood; What I lack in life.” This morning started out fun! It is Hannahs 5th Birthday! How in the world did she become 5 so fast! We started the day with Glowing Happy Birthday Balloons in her room. Then she blew out her candle on a Pink donut ( there is a history of donut cakes on birthdays in our family!) All of this happened while Daddy and Aunt Jessie Facetimed us! So they were able to be included in our birthday festivities which I was so glad about! When Kyle first mentioned he was going to Ghana over Hannahs birthday I was so nervous that he would miss out on the fun birthday activities and being able to get the time difference right to “see” her on her birthday but of Course he found a way to make it work! And boy was she thrilled to talk to daddy on her birthday!

After it was time to quickly get ready for church. Que the anxiety. Mainly the anxiety with Saul, he is a rough and tumble 2 year old. I’m not used to it since Hannah was very quiet and would just sit still. Saul, sitting still, let me laugh at that one. During church the big kids were in nursey while I nursed and held a sleeping Simeon. Soon came  Childrens sermon where all the kids go upfront. There are a ton of Christmas poinsettas upfront and I was thinking of all the things a mischevious boy would get into. But Saul sat fairly still the whole time! He sat next to our pastor and listened. In the back of my mind I was wondering if he thought our pastor was Jesus, like how I used to think he was Jesus as a kid haha.

Later in the afternoon we came home and started some birthday fun with Hannah. Aunt Sara, Anthony and Aunt Anki came over to see the birthday girl which was so much fun since Hannah is infatuated with Anthony. Of course today we had to watch the Eagles game. Don’t even get me started on some of those calls! Can you say horsecollar? Eagles vs Refs? I don’t think I’ve ever screamed at a tv more than today, and yes I firmly believe that one player on the titans needs to be fined a lot! Goin after Foles, and Ertz no thanks!

Anyway back to Hannah! Hannah has a very special person come over today. Her favorite princess Ariel! She was in Awe of meeting Ariel in real life! They painted nails, got tattoos, we had cake, and Ariel even read her a story! Oh my goodness it was amazing! Hannah was talking about it all day and kept saying how now her and Ariel are best friends and she cant wait to tell her friends at school.

After our fun birthday surprise we went to the living nativity. Saul was a little upset there were no chickens, but quickly got over it when he saw a donkey like in shrek. The big kids were able to pet a donkey and sheep! Hannah was more curious to see baby Jesus. I explained to her how when Jesus was born he was a baby like Simeon but by the time the Wisemen got there Jesus was Sauls age. It kind of put things into perspective for her. We ended the night eating meatballs while watching a Charlie Brown Christmas Story. Yea It was a pretty Awesome day! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! My favorite day of the year. Its going to be a busy one with three little ones! Most likely I wont get a post posted until Christmas night!

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