Moms are Resilient

Hello! Its been a while since Ive gotten a chance to sit down and really write. Our computer was having issues and writing a blog from my phone was frustrating. My wonderful family surprised me with a brand new computer for my Birthday so its time to start blogging again.

Last week was a rough week! I felt like I got my life on track, I was working out 6 days a week, was having more “good days” then bad days in this season of motherhood, and was getting caught up on all the laundry! Then the universe smacked me in the face and I got sick. Not like a normal sick, the worst cold ever, it felt similiar to the flu but without the diagnosis of the flu. I was knocked on my butt for an entire week. That means all my household duties were put on hold until I could muster up the energy to do them.

Throughout the whole time I was sick, I still had a huge responsibility, taking care of the kids. Still feeding them, nurturing them, and playing with them. To be honest my kids had enough screen time last week to last a year, and I don’t feel bad about that. My body needed to rest and they didn’t mind making our way through every Disney movie we owned.

The boys started with fevers and runny noses on Thursday. Trying to take care of sick kids while sick yourself is tough! Why wasn’t that in any of those baby books I read. Oh the stuff those books and parenting classes don’t prepare you for. When my mom came up on Friday I remember talking to her about being sick. As a kid I do not remember my mom ever being sick. I thought moms don’t get sick. Of course she told me there were many times she was sick but life keeps going. Obviously, i know moms get sick, but theres still a house and kids to take care of. Its not like a mom gets sick and the dishes do themselves or clothes just dont get dirty. Nope not at all.

Friday was the first time I started to feel human and not like an exhuasted zombie. All that laundry that I started Monday was staring at me in the face. Without skipping a beat I finished what I started (even if i didn’t finish until Sunday night but it still got finished)

Its now Monday, the start to a brand new week. The boys are still a little snotty, Hannah isnt 100% either. So now we will cuddle and lysol this house to get rid of whatever bug is going around. Prayers for health to be restored in my musketeers

*feature image by Katie M Berggren

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