Do I still look at my husband…

This past Monday was our 7 year wedding anniversary and wow has time flown by. If you’ve been following the blog you know I wrote a similar piece a few years ago but I felt I should elaborate more. Each year on our anniversary I love to look back at pictures from that day. The picture below is always the picture that stands out. Looking longingly and so in love with my new husband as if we are on cloud nine and no one else is in the room. But 7 years later do I still look at him with stars in my eyes? The simple answer No.

Within these 7 years we have gone through so much that my young self had no idea we would ever go through. From getting married and literally packing up my life to move to a chicken farm in another state, to suffering a miscarriage 2 years after marriage, moving into our first home, welcoming our daughter, becoming full-time missionaries, changes of jobs, another miscarriage, welcoming our son, my husband being named the next Executive Director, him going to Ghana shortly after our sons birth, and now pregnant again. I’m sure there is a lot more but within those 7 years those are the big things that stick out to me. Through each of those situations our love has changed for each other.

When I’m up with a sick kid, or up nursing, and my husband is soundly snoring away I can 100% say I do not look at him with stars in my eyes, more like sleep deprived daggers but what tired mother hasn’t. At the same time when my husband left for 2 weeks to go to Ghana my heart felt like it broke. My best friend was going to another country and I wasn’t sure how I was going to survive. The day he returned oh my goodness I have never been so excited and I had those stars as my best friend/ love of my life was finally back home in my arms.

Through everything we have been through my love for him has changed. Especially once we started to have children. My goodness did I think I knew what love was. The first time I saw him hold our children my love for him grew deeper and deeper. Its a love that I honestly cant explain and it comes back each time I see him hold our new baby or when the baby falls asleep on him.

Yes, so Its true I do not look at him the same as I did in that picture all those years ago. The way I look at him now is in what i believe to be admiration. I admire the man and the father he has become and I love him for that. I admire the fact that after a long day of work he still comes home to help me with dinner and plays with our kids even though I know he is really tired.  I could go on and on with how truly wonderful my husband is but Ill save ya’ll from the worlds longest blog post.

Who knows how I’ll look at my husband 7 years from now. I’m sure it will be with an even deeper love, but only time will tell.

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  1. Jamie says:

    It’s amazing how love changes the older we grow and the more experiences we share. We celebrated 10 years this year and I look back at the crazy obsessive new love of old and ponder how it has been replaced with a steadier more calm dependent love (imposing him is one of my worst fears). This is such a beautiful post! <3 Jamie

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