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Its that Wonderful time of year again! Time to start shopping for all those wonderful friends and family members. I have some amazing products to share with you and I hope you enjoy reading about them! Some of these products were given at a free or discounted price specifically for this post, but everything I have to say is my own  towards the product. This post will be separated into two sections Kids, and Adults. If you want to learn more about each product click on the name of the product and it should take you directly to their site. Enjoy!


Bare Soles Moccs

My children practically live in their moccasins.  If you ever see a picture or out in public and either children has moccasins on then this is the place they get them. I have been buying these moccs for years and oh my goodness the quality is amazing! They are made from genuine leather but thankfully do not have that leather smell which I have noticed from other leather product stores. My son wears my daughters hand me downs and you would have no idea! Not only is the quality wonderful but the price is something you cant beat. The owner is an amazing mom and teacher and I don’t know how she finds the time to not only sell solid color moccs, and custom moccs, but she also has amazing drops ( like the snowflake moccs pictured) that are not on the site but were released at a certain time until sold out. I can not say enough great things about this shop!


Its been I believe a year since I first stumbled upon slumberkins and I love these adorable animals. If you know me personally you know I love  Bigfoot so when I saw they had a bigfoot toy I had to snatch it up. Once my son was born I had to get him a sloth since sloths are my favorite animals and at times he does remind me of one. It wasn’t until a month ago I realized that they had a misfit collection of animals sold cheaper that had the potential of something being wrong (missing tail, crooked eyes) that I received my final slumberkin for the newest baby. Each of these slumberkins come with a word of affirmation card that you can read to to your child each night I love that nightly tradition to help my children fall asleep while they hold their slumberkin tightly. These are also easy to wash since well they get dirty quite a lot like any lovey would. I am so thrilled I found this company and if by chance I have more children, they will each get their own as well.


Pacifiers are easily lost in my house. One day I have a bunch, the next day I can barely find one. I love this paci clip because not only does it keep my child’s pacifier in one place, it doubles as a teether. The silicone and wood balls are perfect for soothing those sore teeth. Another positive, once the pacifier is done I can easily connect a wooden teether to the end so that wont get lost. When it gets dirty I easily wipe it down with a wet cloth so it continues to look brand new.

Noxx Beanies

I will admit when I originally bought these I bought them for my son, but as time goes on I think everyone in my family has worn one of the beanies. These beanies are beautiful and so incredibly comfortable. They are a little big so they can be folded down for a more fitted look which my daughter prefers. Easy to wash and dry. The shipping is incredibly fast and the sizes range from newborn to adult. There are different types of beanies from jersey knit, to sweater knit, to even ribbed knit. There is something for each member of the family not just the children.


Twinkle Twinkle lil Jar

If you are like me drinking coffee is essential to get started in the morning.  I am very particular about my coffee mug choices, I like big mugs but still pretty. I love these mugs since there is glitter! Yes, they have glitter dipped mugs with a variety of sayings. But they not only sell coffee mugs but also water tumblers, wine glasses, and to go mugs. All dipped in glitter. The turn around time and shipping is also incredible. I have had to talk to customer service about an order before and they were so sweet and understanding and fixed my problem right away. Since these mugs are vinyl, and dipped in glitter they are hand wash only, which isn’t to difficult to follow.

Lemongrass Spa

Being a pregnant mom between the temper tantrums and potty training I like to pretend I am at my very own spa. Relaxing environment, the wonderful smells, all while my body is being taken care of. The products at lemongrass not only smell amazing but there are amazing prices. The Pink Shimmer Lip Balm is my absolute favorite. It really moisturizes my lips and tastes great when I accidentally lick my lips. The lavender Mint smells incredible and instantly relaxes me.

Loved By Hannah and Eli

I think half of my wardrobe is from small shops with about a quarter of those from this amazing shop. Sarah is the mama behind the mama bear collection and am I so glad I found this shop nearly 3 years ago. The clothing is so incredibly comfy and hold up so well! The shirt pictured was my very first purchase all those years ago. Not only do they sell clothing for all the bears in your family, there are also totes, hats, and everyday wear! Each amazing in their own way. Washing and drying is super simple, and no matter how much I was their really is minimal pilling which I love.


Okay, so this shop is fairly new to myself and I am already in love and ready to place my next order. I received my items so fast and I cant get over how comfortable they are. Just and FYI you may see more of their products in my hospital bag guide in a few months. This shop not only sells clothes, but totes, and drink ware. If you are a Christmas Junkie you really need to check out the shop specifically the “Santa is the Real MVP.”


Go Away Mug

Shopping for my husband is so difficult! He isnt one to really tell me what he wants specifically so I have a lot of guesswork. I received this mug at a discounted price and knew it was perfect for him. He is a big coffee drinker like myself and can be a tad grumpy before that first cup is finished. With having amazon prime all my products were received within two days of purchase. Some even next day delivery. As soon as he is finished with the coffee this mug goes right into the dishwasher and out of all the times I have washed it the wording is still there looking just the way it did when I ordered it. If you curious about the matching mama mug Ill include that link as well. For the mom version click Mom Mug *since these products are from amazon there are always “other sellers” who sell the product for cheaper*

Tactical Pen

My husband is a huge fan of items compacted into a small space, think of a swiss army knife for example. This pen is excatly the type of product he loves! Within this tiny pen is a: flashlight, window breaker, 3/4inch scraper blade, flat head screwdriver, pen with refillable ink cartridges, wrench, and comes with two 3 sets of batteries. This multipurpose tactical pen is made of tungsten steel and according to the website has no weak impact end. This is a perfect stocking stuffer for any man in your life.

Kindle Fire

My husband does not have a smart phone. I know its 2017 who doesn’t have a smartphone these days but honestly, he doesn’t want one even though I have tried to convince him otherwise. What he does love is a kindle, a accessible little computer where he can play his games and read books. After his broke last year I could tell he was a little upset since he was no longer able to play his nightly game of scrabble. Thankfully, I found a great deal on black Friday for a Kindle fire 7. This kindle is amazing (and yes I got one for myself) It comes with Alexa which we have never had before, and since we have a fire stick in our TV we are able to control the TV via the Kindle. You can add any apps you want and it loads/ runs quick which is always nice.  Unfortunately the price is back up to full price but its still a great deal!

Tenergry Earbuds

I for one hate all the wires attached to my phone when I am trying to listen to music with earbuds in. My husband is the same way when listening to movies on his kindle. These earbuds are perfect for just that. No wires! They connect via Bluetooth to whichever device. These ear buds are so incredibly comfortable as they go around and in the ear instead of just in your ear. Personally, when I am exercising I have found that without the outer ear support my earbuds always fall out. These are also sweat proof and waterproof which is wonderful for those days of running and sweating.


GOGO Gift Bag

If you are looking for a great way to wrap your presents you need to check out these amazing bags. I for one hate wrapping presents, and find that buying bags and matching tissue paper makes me nervous to make sure they match. A busy mom named Erin Borges is the creator of this wonderful product after being on her way to a party and realizing how expensive and time consuming wrapping presents can become. This product is currently patent pending and incredible!

Each gift bag has coordinating tissue paper inside that once bloomed conceal the contents of whats inside. The product is so easy to use and comes with step by step instructions as well as an adorable gift tag on each bag.

The bags are so vibrant and there are so many different designs. I love that it takes the hassle of trying to find matching tissue paper to go with a bag. I hope everyone on my Christmas list is ready to receive their gifts in one  of these bags. These bags are priced so reasonably and can be found in Target, Bed Bath and Beyond as well as The Home Shopping Network! To learn more about Erin and GoGo Giftbag click the name at the beginning of this section.




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