Mommy Needs a Time Out

Okay I am going to be honest right now I need a timeout. I haven’t been listening or finished my chores. So can I be sent to my room until I learn my lesson? I mean it might take a few days straight but in a week or so I should be set straight. One could only wish though right. Someday my children may realize that being sent to your room is a good thing since you can catch up on sleep, and have some peace and quiet. But until then I guess they will keep fighting me.

Being a mom isn’t easy we all know this. There are days when the kids behave, everything in the house gets done and its like a dream. Then there are the days where nothing goes right. Yesterday was that day, not as bad as some but still fairly rough that I sent myself to timeout. Started in the morning with the threenager not wanting to go to preschool. Literally having a fit and fighting me in the car for reasons that really only make sense to her. Once I dropped her off and got home our 1 year old has decided morning naps shouldn’t happen anymore, and he is too young to get tricked into “quiet time” meaning all the chores I like to get done while he is asleep had to wait. I was still able to get some things done but the biggies like laundry and dishwasher had to wait since he likes to “help.” Going to get sister and he boards out in the car seat. Not having it, nope not the dreaded car seat I never realized how stiff he could make his body until I try to put him in his car seat when he doesn’t want to go. After a bit of a struggle we get in and good to go. Once home since morning naps are nonexistent the dude is done, flipping out super tired (still attempting to teach him sign language so there is quite a language barrier for the time being,) I am trying to make lunch as fast as I can, since we typically eat the same thing everyday its pretty fast to make. But no mommy wanted to try something different and tried to put yogurt in a reusable pouch for him to eat so I could have a little quiet while making lunch. Yea I forgot to seal the bottom…now I have a 1yr old covered in yogurt still mad, and a 3yr old not understanding why she doesn’t have yogurt and where is her lunch.

Finally, the kids start eating and mommy decided to run into the basement to switch laundry. Unfortunately, I never pressed start on the washing machine so now the laundry is backed up. Seriously it felt like a Monday but it was in fact Tuesday. Kids finish eating so its playtime until naps. Of course playtime is fight club in kid language. Fighting over chairs, blocks, toys everything. This is the moment mommy put herself in time out. Now mommy’s timeout is really hiding in the bathroom eating my secret stash of mini oreos. I just took two minutes to hide and breath and you know what. When I came out I felt better prepared to take on the rest of the day. It was a hard morning but after my timeout it honestly felt like the day got better. The kids slept/ read books quietly. Woke up in good moods. And our 1yr old finally learned how to sign some words! I don’t know if those two minutes actually changed the day or just changed my perception of things but it was well worth it.

Since I am pregnant and chase toddlers on a daily basis, its hard to do anything for myself to regain control of the day. But, taking a timeout when I need to does wonders! I don’t hide out for long 2 minutes tops and yes usually chaos ensues outside the bathroom door but for two minutes I have peace in that little space and I can breath without smoke coming out my ears. Its important for us moms to take care of ourselves so we can take care of our kids better. If that’s going out to spa, getting your hair done, or hiding in your bathroom eating oreos do it. It will be so helpful I promise! Now to go reload my snack stash since I’m out, and yes now I will keep my bathroom looking immaculate since after reading this I’m sure I will have a few people checking my bathroom for where my stash is.


2 thoughts on “Mommy Needs a Time Out

  1. Amy J Marohl says:

    It is so important for us to take a few minutes and breathe deeply and slowly, pray, renew our strength and keep pressing on because little people are depending on us. Well said!

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