Raising my Arrows

A few weeks ago a lovely older women (whom had no idea I was expecting again) said something that really resonated within me. She said “looks like your quiver is getting quite full” in regards to the two toddlers running around. At first I wasn’t a fan of her comment I’m going to be honest. I thought my quiver? Like Robin hood? What the heck does a quiver have to do with children. A few weeks later I saw a bumper sticker on a car and it all made sense!

The sticker I saw was of three arrows with the scripture reference. Psalm 127:4. That verse simply states: As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children  of the youth.  Researching this particular verse there are many different ways people look at it. The way I look at it is that my children are like arrows, always going forward, the children of the youth part is in reference to my husband and I starting our family when we were young.

The arrows in question are my children, whom are really like arrows when I think about it. Arrows are meant to go forward, and I do pray that they always go forward in life and never back.  Have you ever tried to shoot one backwards? Doesn’t work out very well. In regards to my children’s futures and dreams I want them to work hard at what they do and I want them to always go after what they want, I mean isn’t that every parents wish. To me it doesn’t matter if they become a billionaire or the next president, as long as they are happy and always moving forward.

My arrows can be sharp! When I say sharp I mean I have two children whom are quite bright (and one who has a sharp tongue) My children are strong willed as some say and there are days when its 2 against 1 and I’m not sure how I can handle it. They can be bossy and they know what they want. But thankfully from what I have seen outside of the home,  the stubbornness and bossy tendencies seem to only manifest at home. Which in all honesty I am okay with. At home is their safe place. This is where they do most of their growing and learning and in all honesty test their limits. Even though there are more bad days at home then I can count, outside of the home I can probably count on one hand the bad days they have had. Of course this is with the exception of when they were super young. My children are sharp, they learn quick and know what is right from wrong. As a mother I’d like to take the credit for that but I honestly cant since it is a team effort.

My Arrows are Unique. there are many different types of arrows and many different designs that can be placed on them. I remember when I was younger seeing my dads arrows from I believe Brazil and  how cool they looked. My children, although look like each other and bear the same last name, are so incredibly unique. Yes, as I found out yesterday they are both extremely empathetic but other then that theres not to much they have in common. My oldest arrow is the leader, she tells the younger what to do, what to play with and what is going on next in our schedule. She even tries to tell me what to do, lets just bold that word try shall we. At the same time, she loves to quietly read and cuddle. She would cuddle for hours on end. My younger is the loud, never satisfied, adventurer. He jumps from one toy to the next. I can usually tell what toy it is by the sound of it hitting the dog food box. He is always opening drawers and getting into tiny spaces to figure out whats there. He does not  cuddle. I like to compare him to giving  a cat a bath, he will try to claw his way out of cuddling and its once in a blue moon he will settle enough to sit still but again that is very rare.

My arrows are one of a kind and I wish I could take all the credit for who they are and how they are growing up. But I cant,  my husband and our faith is what helps mold and shape our children into the arrows they are today and I am so thankful for that.

Yes our quiver is getting “quite full” but I wouldn’t have it any other way, and I am so excited to meet our final arrow in March and see who this new arrow turns out to be.


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