My Blog Journey

It has honestly been years since I originally sat down and wrote my first blog post. September of 2014 to be exact. Since then there has been so many different changes into this blog and so many things that I have learned.

When I first started the blog I wasn’t sure where it would go. I knew I wanted to write about motherhood and all the fun/ tiring elements that went into this new season of my life. When I was first pregnant I read the books, heck I studied the books. They all sugarcoated pregnancy and motherhood and I wanted a place where I didn’t have to do that. Now I couldn’t not remember the very first blog name so after digging through everything I found it.

Life as of Late. Simply it was stories of me life in the present time what was going on right then and there. Whether it was marriage, babies, whatever it was I wrote about. I talked about Hannah’s birth story, trying to lose pregnancy weight, how I was always refereed to as Kyle’s wife or Hannah mom. Then the blog started to change into life as well as product reviews. I found the world of amazon review and I thought my readers,ya know the one or two or read it, would like a little added flair. Enter the Second blog name.

Faith Family Fun took over in the middle of my blogging career. I thought it was quite a fitting title because it showed the elements of my blog. Faith, talking about how it helped me through everyday life and well as through the hardships. Family, stayed similar to the original blogs with talking about motherhood, marriage, and pregnancy. Fun, the awesome product reviews I did where I would get a product and give my honest unbiased opinion. To see the original blog feel free to checkout Faith Family Fun

Because of my job outside of blogging I usually take the summers off or rarely write. The summer of 2017 I took off longer then expected. I wasn’t quite sure if I would return to blogging.  I loved it, sharing a little piece of my life while hopefully helping others but it was a lot to do, and a lot to manage. Especially since I just found out I was pregnant with our third child. I was ready to shut down the blog and never look back.

Just like in 2014 I was bitten by the blog bug. I couldn’t stay away and knew I had to start again. I missed it, and it was my thing. The thing I didn’t have to share with anyone, something I could make my own and enjoy. I am a stay at home mom majority of the year so something I can do within the comforts of my own home is a plus in my mind. With my return to blogging I was over my old site and wanted to look into something new. I found a new host and a New name that I thought was perfect.

Bless This Happy Mess was born in 2017! What does that actually mean. Motherhood/ Marriage/ this season of life can get crazy. My life is blessed I am truly happy with where I am in life, but this life can get messy figuratively and literally speaking. You moms know what I mean. With this new name and new site I wanted to sit down and get serious about blogging. No more amazon reviews ( how many phone cables, and face products can one person own.) I wanted to schedule what I was doing and make my content count. So what did I different this time around?

I have graphics! I met an amazing mommy in one of my groups who is a graphic designer who did my graphics. She is amazing and I have used her work on all my social media and blog. Having graphics on my social media and blog it helps it looks more professional and serious. Check out her site Vanessa Does Design

Social Media. Social Media is huge in the world now. I have connected with so many amazing other bloggers who have helped me figure out the ins and outs of the blogging community. Having my own separate twitter, Instagram, Facebook just for the blog is key. Having a set color preference on the pictures to appease the eye is also important. Which is still something I am trying to accomplish. As well as interactions on each of those platforms. Every comment on a post comment back, go to their posts and show some love. Interaction is key.

SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. It helps your site get traffic naturally and organically.  There is an amazing company on the east coast that does just that.  This company is #1 in New Jersey (yes my home state) They offer professional services that help websites increase their search score to compete for the highest ranking. Search engine optimization New Jersey was created by two brothers  Dan Anton who is a retired Infantry Airborne Army Ranger Major, and Matt (pictured below) who is the former online marketing manager of Liberty Travel.

Together, with their team of 27 employees, they are helping businesses all over the world to improve their websites and social channels in order to increase their sales. Check them out if you are interested in improving your SEO!


XO Leah

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3 thoughts on “My Blog Journey

  1. Allie Banks says:

    Good job for keeping it up and always doing what you love! I just recently started blogging as well but have been designing for a few years. Good luck on your path to success with your blog!

  2. perezalexa says:

    I enjoyed reading! I started blogging earlier this year, and I think I’m dipping into my first rut. The blogging world can be a bit intimidating lol! Good luck with your journey ❤️

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