A letter: To Hannah’s Mother in Law

Dear Hannah’s Future Mother in Law,

     I may have met you and maybe I have not. We could have grown up with each other, gone through school together, met at a summer camp, met in passing, or I may not have had the privilege of meeting you yet. But some day I will. When my beautiful Hannah grows up and falls in love and introduces me to the mother who taught her son how to love my daughter. This letter is for you.
     Mother hood is a hard journey and can seem lonely at times. I don’t know where you are yet in your journey. Whether your son is getting ready for preschool, hasn’t been born yet, or if you are going through the fun yet tiring start of the toddler years. But I want to thank you. I want to thank you for carrying your son for months on end whether the journey was easy or hard, and for giving him life. I want to thank you for the 2am feedings and the sleep depervation. I want to thank you for giving up going out, and hanging out with friends on the weekend because your son needed you. Thank you for the worries, and possible doctor trips for colds and of course staying up to make sure everything is okay. Thank you for allowing part of your heart to walk outside of your body. Thank you for showing this little boy how to love and for loving him unconditionally. Thank you for allowing your little baby to grow up and love my daughter. And of course thank you for loving my daughter as I love her. 

 I want you to know that not only do I pray for a wonderful God fearing boy to enter into my life and whisp my daughter away into marriage (in time, ya know when she’s about 45.) but, I pray for you daily. I pray for your health, I pray for your sanity since motherhood can get crazy. I pray that wherever you are on your journey that you are placing your trust in God. I pray for you everyday, as a fellow mother and as a friend and I will continue to pray for you every day.
With love,
 Now I get what your saying. Why in the world are you thinking about marriage when your daughter is barely two. I have heard that kids grow up fast and before I know it my almost 2 year old will be older and walking down the aisle to start her new journey. Since she was born I’ve prayed for the man that in time will go on the marriage journey with Hannah and I pray that he will treat her well and love the Lord just as much as I hope Hannah will. But, these past few months the mother of said son has been on my heart, and I decided to start to pray for her as well. I know that motherhood is hard and I need all the prayer I can get to make it to that wonderful time called bedtime and I’m sure she does too. Maybe one day years from now when we meet I’ll show her this letter and let her know that I’ve been praying for not only her son but for her as well. But, until that day comes, I’ll continue to pray. 

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