When I first realized I was going to be a mom I had dreams and visions of the type of mom I was going to be. I was going to be that Pinterest mom who was good at crafts, could make edible nontoxic play dough, and of course those colorful cakes. That mom with a clean house, nothing out of place dishes and laundry done on a schedule. The mom who would wake up before her family shower, get dressed, do her hair and makeup and of course have an elaborate healthy breakfast ready for when everyone got up. The mom who would spend every minute she could playing with her child lots of outside activities, never raising her voice and just being that perfect mom 

 Well once the pain meds wore off and I was home all of that went straight out the window. That mom does not exist in my house. I’ve tried but she is a mirage. Instead I’m the realistic mom. I’m the mom who goes to bed too late and wakes up the same time as the toddler. I’m the mom who doesn’t remember the last time she took a shower longer than 5 minutes. The mom whose go to outfit is leggings and a messy bun. I’ve put Barney on so I can drink my coffee in peace while it’s still hot. I’ve hidden in the bathroom so I could have 5 minutes sitting on the floor to read a magazine (thank you nap strike.) The mom who has given her child chicken nuggets because they are easy and I haven’t slept in days. I’m the mom who just realized the laundry she put in the washer yesterday…is still in the washer whoops! But I’m the mom who loves unconditionally. Would go to the end of the Earth for my family. Only wants the best for Hannah, will still kiss her and hug her in public even when she doesn’t want me too. I’m the mom who isn’t perfect and no matter how hard I try to be a perfect mom/wife won’t be. Even when I’m on the break of insanity I wouldn’t change a thing. Even with the bap strikes, the multiple time outs, the long days and short nights I love my job as mom. And hannah probably doesn’t realize that mommy hasn’t showered, she’s eating chicken nuggets two days in a row, that playing hide and seek is actually let hannah hide and I’ll wait 5 minutes to find her so I can brush my teeth. But all she knows is Im her mommy and as long as she is happy and healthy I’m doing my job. She doesn’t care about colorful spaghetti and elaborate crafts she just wants to play with mommy, dance barefoot in the kitchen, chase the dog and I can do that all day everyday. As long as she wants her mommy I’m here (and even when she doesn’t want me) #momstatusforthewin 

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