First birthday…

Due to sickness and the excitement of Hans bday I haven’t been able to write 👎 but I feel semi human today so let’s get the party started! 

My precious baby turned one on December 23! When people say the first year goes fast boy were they right!  I really wish I could have taken in all of those sleepy cuddles and needing me for practically everything. Take me back to the days of tummy time, nursing, baby butts with animals on them. Before the mad face, no no no, the walking, and getting into everything. Lol 
 As much as I miss that little newborn that came home from the hospital over a year ago I must admit I absolutely LOVE seeing her grown and experience new things. The way her eyes light up when she figures something out and giggles at everything. It’s incredible. I still can’t believe that she’s a toddler this almost walking, talking (still toothless) little person. 
 I’m so excited to watch her grow and see who she’s going to turn into. What type of woman she will be. And of course what her take on the world 


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