When you hear the word addiction you probably think about the big ones,the ones you hear about needing rehab for, the addictions that ruin relationships and can cause riffs in families. But, did you know there is another addiction than can have similar effects but isnt talked about. This particular addiction is literally right in the palm of your hand…smartphones.
I unfortunately have an addiction to my smartphone and it is awful! Having a smartphone I have easy access to addicting social media sites where instead of being a doting wife and loving mother I’m looking at what Sally had for lunch and the fact that Tina and Jim broke up again. during this season of life, ya know the one were I’m raising tiny humans, is that information really that important…no. I mean its wonderful Sally had a salad for lunch and I’m happy Tina broke up with Jim since he treated her like dirt, but how does knowing that better my life. Honestly it doesn’t, but then why do I spend hours upon hours scrolling mindlessly through these social media sites. To be honest I have no idea but with having the computer in the palm of my hand it’s so easy to pick up and start scrolling. Now I will admit it sometimes I need a mommy timeout which is a fine time to start scrolling, for a set amount of time usually when the kids are having quiet time since naps are non-existent right now.  But not scrolling for hours or setting social media as a higher priority.
When my children get older I want them to remember me as a good mom,a mom who tried, a mom who played, not a mom with a phone attached to her hand and always looking down. I’ve already taken steps to solve that problem. I’ve deleted all social media and internet off my phone so it is a “basic phone” until my phone contract is up. I’ve set time limits and on my certain times of days when I can be online.  Unfortunately That means pictures of the kids will be less frequent. But I promise you’ll still see them. And since I just received a kindle and we have a home computer I’ll still be blogging. So no worries about that. Hopefully I can keep this up especially since its almost January 1st meaning it’s a new year to start fresh!


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