Day 2

December 18,2018

After a very long night I was able to hear from Kyle very early this morning. I received alerts on my phone that the plane landed and shortly there after received a text (around 330) that he was safely on land. I was nervous before I went to bed since the arrival time kept getting delayed so of course my mind was racing until I eventually fell asleep. I got to hear kyles voice early this morning, and got to text him this evening. It was wonderful to be able to hear from him! Already so much more communication then the first time he went.

So how was my day? Crazy haha thankfully my mom was here to help out with the kids because I had a ton to do and trying to do anything with the two boys is rough.  Hannah was picked up to go to preschool and I got to go do some food shopping (alone) while my mom watched the boys. Food shopping alone was actually fun. I sipped my HOT coffee and walked up every aisle no rush. Glorious mini vacation haha. After I got home it was time to do laundry,  upon laundry, upon laundry. There seriously has to be a small army living in my house that I don’t know about. Simeon went up for a nap after lunch and I got this beautiful warm feeling as I nursed him to sleep. Oddly enough the feeling was on my leg, yea someone peed on my leg and I was soaked while his clothes were dry. First kid to pee on me lol.

After more laundry, My mom went home and Kyles mom came over and brought the kids dinner. The kids are absolutely loving having their GiGis come hang out. While the kids went to dinner I went to the gym for an hour. Yea to be honest my arms are killing me as I try to type all this and I have to take breaks. After I got home GiGi had to leave and  I I nursed a super tired baby to bed, I could barely get him in the crib before he was falling asleep. After I went downstairs and I hung out with the kids for a bit until we did advent before bed. After advent we prayed around our little Christmas tree and I put the kids to bed so I could quickly get a shower. Of course while in the shower I had a four year want to talk about all the worlds biggest problems so not the most relaxing shower.


And now here I am. Day 2, Kyles first full day in Ghana finished.  I only cried three times today so that’s good. I miss kyle so much and with the time difference he should be snoring away right now. I seriously cant wait until he gets home.

Tomorrow after Hannah is finished school we pack up and head to Jersey for the remainder of our trip. Hopefully my arms and legs wont be as sore so I can try ( just kidding)

Until Next time,


P.S Ill start adding better pictures to these posts.

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  1. Jean Kaye says:

    I am really enjoying reading your posts. God will keep Kyle safe and you the strength to carry on while Kyle is away. Safe travels as you head to your Mom and Dads. You and the kiddo’s will have a wonderful time at their home and they are going to love the having all of you home for the holidays!

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