Do I still look at my husband…

…the same way I did when we got married?
 The other day my pregnant self thought it would be a good idea to pop in our wedding video and reminisce on that amazing day 5 years ago. As I got to our first dance I saw the way I looked at my new husband and thought do I still look at him the same way? Do I still look at him with googly eyes, while getting butterflies in my stomach? Do I still hang onto every word he says, and look at him as if he my high-school crush that I’m too nervous to talk to? The simple truth is no. No I do not look at my husband the same way I did when we first got married. And to be honest I’m not ashamed of that either.
 Through these 5 years we’ve been through a lot, from living together, to buying a house, to going through 4 pregnancies and lord willingly will be welcoming our second child soon. We’ve fought, we’ve cried, we’ve learned, and we’ve grown up. The way I look at my husband now isn’t with those first love googly eyes. I look at my husband in amazement and with so much respect. He stuck by my side through so much, he’s never given up on our family, works so hard to provide for our family and overall is just an amazing guy. I couldn’t imagine doing this whole life thing with anyone else.  So yes I do look at my husband differently now, but my love for him is still as strong (or possibly even stronger) as the day we got married. That’s really all that matters.


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