One Year Ago Today….

One year ago I was so excited as a wife and as a mother. One year ago today we announced that we were expecting our second child to be born in December. We were thrilled to share our news and had hopes and dreams for this baby (later to be named Presley) The best part, Hannah and Presley would be excatly 2 years apart just like what our “plan” was.
 Unfortunatly sometimes our plan isn’t The plan and if you’ve followed our journey you know what happens a week later. I knew this day was coming up and I knew it would be hard but I am so thankful to be pregnant now and entering my 31st week.  I will never understand God’s plan fully, and I’m not meant to but in the good times and bad times I just need to trust Him and lean on Him. Which is what I’m trying to do through this whole process. Yes I have a beautiful daughter, and yes I’m currently pregnant but grieving the loss of a child doesn’t just go away with a new pregnancy. This Pregnancy will never take the place of Presley just like how Hannah and her pregnancy never replaced Sage. Time heals all and I know in time these days will get easier. Plus having an amazing support system helps too.
I absolutely love all my children, Sage my first love heaven born, Hannah my wild earthside child, Presley born straight into Jesus’s arms, and Boom boom my kickboxing still cooking. As upset as I am that after we shared our news about Presley, he/she passed away. And the fact that December came and I wasn’t holding a newborn I’m grateful that I was able to carry that child for as long as I did. And I am even more grateful that God is currently giving me another chance with Boom boom.  There  is so much more I want to say but honestly I’m having a hard time. So I’ll close out with this, sometimes our Plan A,B,C do not work out but Plan G, God’s Plan always will.


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