So I decided on Fridays I’m gonna start posting 5 specific things. Whether it’s 5 things about me, 5 favorite Instagram shops you just have to wait and find out. Today is 5 things you could have heard me say to my daughter this week 

 1) “Hannah you can not eat jake’s foot.” For those of you who don’t know jake is our two year old Golden retriever. This particular situation utimatly ended in our very first temper tantrum cry fest 
2) “Hannah are you pooping?” I don’t know why I always ask my one year old this when there are tell tale signs that she is but I find myself asking her this at least twice a day. 
3) “Hannah your crushing my throat!” Sometimes mommy just needs to lay down so I will. On my back. And little ms Hannah thinks it’s funny to crawl over and literally straddle my throat and squeeze her thighs. She thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world though. 
4) “Hannah you can’t lick the cabinet!” We are in that wonderful phase of licking everything! And of course she says no as I watch her lick the cabinet, or the dog, or the floor. 
5) “Finish your carrots before you have more bread.” If my daughter could eat plain bread 24/7 she would. I just can’t believe it. Some kids like sweets my daughter nope she likes bread plain old bread. 
Until next post 

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