Going with your gut

I remember in grade school when the teachers would say that if you didn’t know an answer going with your gut was the next best thing. There were plenty of times that I failed to do that and unfortunately got that answer wrong. One thing I didn’t realize back then was that your gut instinct didn’t stop once you were finished with your academics that it would transition into everyday life. As I’ve gotten older I feel like my gut instinct has gotten stronger and I’ve learned to trust it more. 

 With each of my pregnancys I had such weird gut instincts that I trusted no matter how hard it was to deal with. When I first found out I was pregnant with Sage,and after the initial shock of pregnancy, I had a weird feeling that I couldn’t shake. I just knew that pregnancy was not going to end how I wanted no matter how much I begged God. And just like that two weeks later I got the devastating news. Fast forward a year and I found out I was pregnant with Hannah. The feeling I had this time was so different. I knew that things would work out and in the end I would hold a healthy beautiful baby. I was at peace ,even though there were still times of being nervous I was trusting in God to bring me and my baby through pregnancy and through a safe delivery. With Presley’s pregnancy it was the same feeling as Sage. Even though his pregnancy went on longer than Sage’s and was harder to deal with, I knew it wasn’t going to end well. Yet again, it was a feeling I couldn’t shake and as much as I tried to have that peace that I had with Hannah I couldn’t find it. After we went through the surgery and I got yet another positive test in July I told Kyle that I didn’t feel pregnant and that I felt it was still Presley. My gut, as horrible as the situation was, was correct again. 
 Pregnancy wasn’t the only time I’ve had to trust my gut. Being a mom I’ve had to trust my motherly instincts which is similiar. Something I didn’t think I would get but all mothers do. Those times when you just think something isn’t right with your child so you take them to the doctors to find out you were right. Or the times your house is just a little too quiet and your motherly instinct tells you your daughter is probably pulling all the tissues out of the tissue box somewhere. Yup those instincts 
  The last example I have is just life gut instinct. This is one I’ve trusted and was probably the scariest situation I’ve ever been in. I was shopping with Hannah once and my gut was telling me something was wrong. I looked behind me to see a gentleman following us. At first I thought I was being paranoid so I was going through aisles and looked to see him down every aisle I was in but he didn’t have a cart or basket.  I quickly went to check out to see this man looking at the women’s clothing on the other side of the checkout behind me so I changed lanes and he moved behind me to look at jewelry. At that point I made sure to make eye contact and let him know “I see you” at that point I was kinda freaking out and called Kyle to come because I didn’t want to be followed out of the store. Now I’m not saying that anything would have happened but my gut was saying something was not right and I had to trust it and boy am I glad I did. 
  As you can tell I’ve learned over and over again to trust my instinct. I’m not sure why God gave me such strong instincts but in glad he did. In a sense I feel like my gut instinct is actually Gods way of talking to me. Obviously I can’t see him or have a face to face conversation. But those gut instincts are Him to give me a heads up on whatever life situation I’m going through at that moment, and no matter what I’m going to trust it. Has there ever been a time you’ve had to trust your gut? 

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