What am I doing wrong?

  I find myself asking this question almost weekly. Especially when Hannah is misbehaving which is why she is a permanent member of the time out club. The other night I asked Kyle that question and he gave me a great answer that

 I tend to forget in those moments. She is an independent child who quite frankly wants to test the limits. So what drove me to asking the question out loud with tears coming down my face? Well dinner, for some reason if it’s not sleep strike it’s mealtime strike. Okay I get it I’m not the greatest cook in the world and I’ve probably burnt more things than I’d like to fess up too. But for once the dinner actually turned out tasting pretty good. But it was still a meal and Hannah threw a fit screaming uncontrollably so she knows the drill, time out chair than back to eating. Not that night, she was back in her chair 5 bites left, so hysterical she made herself throw up everywhere! This has never happened and I stood in shock not knowing what to do. 

 After she got cleaned up and we established that that was not an appropriate response to the situation I sat and thought about the moms of the Bible. I bet they probably went through the same things. I could see Mary with her head in her hands as Jesus came inside covered in mud again. Sarah even in her old age asking Abraham what to do as Issac was climbing up a tree again after he was told not to. Or Leah as Levi and Simeon or any of her 6 sons were fighting with each other. 
  I have to remember that this mom struggle has been going on for thousands of years and I’m not alone. The moms, past present and future,have or will most likely struggle with the same feelings. But I have to remember she will only be (almost) 2 once and this phase won’t last forever. Eventually she will grow up into a beautiful woman, get married, and have her own child and she will struggle with the same question “what am I doing wrong?” And I’ll be there to tell her she isn’t the only one. So if your a mom (or a dad) and you struggle with the same question just remember your doing nothing wrong. This is just a phase. And we will all get through this. 

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