Mommy said…Saturday Edition

It’s just after 10am and the things I’ve said to my daughter today are things I can only look back and laugh at. Hope you enjoy! 

1) “Hannah Stop trying to run over the dog!” Yup had to say that not once but twice. We got hannah a new toy that she can drive around the house but of course her only mission is to run over the dog. 
2) “bananas don’t belong in your diaper”. Whats the fascination with sticking things down her diaper? I don’t think I’ll ever understand. But, I do hope this phase ends soon. I’ve found way to much food and various other things in there when I go to change her 
3) “Hannah don’t stick your finger there, it might get stuck”. Did she listen…Nope..did her finger get stuck…yup… Did I almost have to use butter to unstick her finger..yup 
4) “Hannah Elizabeth stop licking the dog!” Yup super gross I swear we feed her 
5) “Please stop playing with the light switch” she’s finally tall enough to reach our stairway light switch so all day I just see the lights flicker. Of course I thought it was a circut problem or a ghost..Nope just a curious toddler having fun. 
Thankfully daddy has a short day of work so once he’s home I’ll keep an ear out and maybe do a Daddy’s edition haha 

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